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Silhoutte Facelift - Say Hello To Your Younger Look!

As a natural effect of aging, wrinkles, sagging, and jowls start to appear on our faces. With age, fat on our face loses its volume, gradually clumps up, and shifts down, so our skin that was smooth and tight gets loose and sags.
Both women and men always want to get rid of these effects on their faces to look younger and fresh. Because our faces are our showcases. Any person who looks at a face with wrinkles and jowls can easily misperceive the age in which we feel. Thanks to the new improvements in the anti-aging field, there are lots of solutions for deleting the aging effects. As an alternative to traditional facelift surgery especially to the mini facelift, silhouette facelift, silhouette soft facelift or silhouette instant facelift procedures have created their fanbases in time as seen in the satisfaction reviews.

In this article, we will answer the most asked questions about this popular procedure for you to learn exactly what is a silhouette facelift.

The Facts About Silhouette Facelift

1. Candidacy for Silhouette Facelift

It is suitable for patients who have reached middle age and are beginning to experience sagging in their face or neck but still do not have significantly loose skin that might require traditional facelift surgery.

This non-surgical procedure only erases and reduces the effects of gravity. They cannot be effective enough in patients who have more deep-seated and stubborn facial aging effects.

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2. Preparation for Silhouette Facelift

It is necessary to stop using Aspirin or similar substances that can dilute the blood. And of course, you have to stop smoking 3 weeks before the procedure.
You need to stay away from these medicines and products before your Silhouette Facelift operation:
• Painkillers like Apranax, Voltaren, Vermidon or any other medications that contain anti-inflammatory.
• Multivitamins which are containing substances such as Ginseng or Ginkgo-biloba.
• Herbal products such as green tea, flaxseed, and cherry stalk.

You also shouldn’t drink alcohol or strong coffee on the day before the surgery.

3. Recovery of Silhouette Facelift

The surgeon performs this outpatient procedure with local anesthesia in less than 45 minutes. There is no need for any hospitalization for post-operation. Patients generally can go back to their normal daily activities within two days. There are sometimes come pains in the operation area, but simple painkillers can solve this easily. It is also recommended to elevate your head on the first night of sleep to reduce swelling. After two weeks the face will recover its soft and natural aspect, after this stage, there are no visible signs of the procedure.

4. Benefits of Silhouette Facelift

• After the operation of the Silhouette Face Lift, your facial tiredness is erased. You can reach a younger and very natural appearance that comes from your youth.
• There will be no visible scar that nobody can understand the source of your brighter look.
• Silhouette Face Lift is performed in only 30 or 45-minute sessions under local anesthesia. So that it has a very quick recovery.
• Silhouette Facelift is efficient for the jowls, the nasogenien grove, the neck, and the brows.
• This operation can erase early gravity effects and smile lines on the face.
• Silhouette Facelift is an efficient technique that can be used by both men and women.
• The treatment delivers promising and effective results that the results generally last for 12 to 18 months.
• The Silhouette sutures are well designed and do not require over-correction, dissolve easily, and have an excellent safety profile.

5. Repeatability of Silhouette Facelift

As aging is a process that never stops, this is so natural that new aging effects on the face can appear after the Silhouette Facelift operation. Generally, the Silhouette Facelift operation results last between 12 and 18 months. Therefore, you may have new operations if you realize any new wrinkles, jowls, or sagging in your face in the mirror. If you want to have another Silhouette Facelift operation, inform your surgeon that he or she can examine your suitability and readiness for a new operation.

6. Cost of Silhouette Facelift

If you have decided to have a Silhouette Facelift operation, you may find many good clinics in Turkey that perform this particular operation successfully. The price depends on the clinic of course, and the operation type. An average Silhouette Facelift operation can cost between € 1500 and € 2500.


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