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Steps to Get Best Dental Procedures

Do you want to get the best dental procedure, but you don’t know how? Do you want to get that perfect smile you have always dreamt of as a kid? Well, guess what?

We can help you make that childhood dream come true. All you have to do is to go through the following steps, bookmark it, and share it with your friends.


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Step 1: Get knowledge about the dental procedure

If you are considering a dental procedure, be sure to research your prospective surgeon and procedure(s) that they offer. At FlyMedi, we always encourage all of our clients to do some research before undergoing any dental surgery. But in most cases, patients search for dental procedures based on prices, and some of the treatments they end up choosing are only best for them financially.



And while you're researching the dental procedure, you should also look into your prospective dentist before and after photo galleries. This will also give you the opportunity to see the dentist's results. Some dentists have certain areas of specialization. This will help keep you from going to a tooth extraction specialist for gum surgery.

Step 2: Get in touch with our Healthcare Consultant

Once you have identified the procedure, the price, and the best clinic for that dental treatment, now it's time to get professional assistance. How do you do that?

Easy. Flymedi has a team of personal healthcare consultants that are on standby and ready to assist you in any humanly possible way. Our team of healthcare consultants is made up of professionals who have assisted hundreds of people in choosing a suitable dental procedure.

Ooh, by the need to worry about any consultation fee. It's as free as the air.

Step 3: Send pictures of your teeth

If you manage to get in touch with a personal healthcare consultant, after having a brief discussion, they will probably ask you to submit your dental photos. Ideally, the dental photos will have to be 5. You can take each photograph from these positions: closed bite check, from the left (closed), from the right (closed), open mouth upper jaw, and open mouth lower jaw. You have to make sure that the pictures are crystal clear.

Step 4: Choose the best clinic

The success of your dental treatment is also determined by where you have the procedure. You really can't expect to have surgery at a clinic with a low success rate and expect to get your desired results. There are many dental clinics that claim to be the best out there and choosing the right one can be a challenge, especially if it's in a foreign country.


Asking for recommendations from professional healthcare consultants is a good way to start, but you will have the final decision. Many at times, our healthcare consultants often refer patients to Istanbul Dental Clinic. This is one clinic that is internationally accredited, has expert dentists, dental professors, and it always uses high-tech equipment in all of its procedures.

Step 5: Come to Turkey

Dental clinics around Turkey, from Istanbul to Izmir, use technologically advanced equipment to deliver treatment –this is one of the reasons why the success rate is sky-high. Most of these institutions are accredited by international organizations and so are their dentists. Medical education in Turkey is strictly regulated and this means that for you to qualify as a medical doctor or dentist, you really have to prove yourself. Many of the dentists have graduated from top universities around the world.

Step 6: Visit Turkey and have your procedure

Medical tourists keep on flocking Turkey because of quality dental treatment which is being offered at a reasonable price. Veneers cost around €700 in the UK, $925 and $2,500 per tooth in the US, whereas they are priced at €300 in Turkey –this means that you can save up to 60% to 70%. Having low prices doesn’t mean that the quality is compromised. The prices are low because Turkey has a low cost of living and there are too many hospitals and clinics – this forces many medical institutions to lower their prices so to attract many clients/patients.

Step 7: Turn back home with an attractive smile

When you have a dental treatment in Turkey, you're guaranteed to return to your home country with an attractive smile –and this is no compromise. Regardless of the type of dental procedure, you will undergo, Istanbul Dental Center will make sure that you get that perfect smile you have always dreamt of. They have done it for thousands of other patients before, and they can do it for you too.

This content is edited by Flymedi Medical Editors in March 2020


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