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What is the Drive Behind FlyMedi? Our Goals and Vision

FlyMedi’s Goals and Vision

FlyMedi is the brainchild of partners and longtime friends Fatih Ciftci & Eray Cetiner. They set out with a clear, yet complex vision in mind for the future of FlyMedi – “Affordable healthcare for everyone”.

FlyMedi is an online medical travel service where you can find world-renowned hospitals, compare treatment prices, and destinations, and arrange all details regarding your medical travel. Every year, millions of people travel overseas or abroad for medical services. Here is where FlyMedi steps in. FlyMedi will provide you with all the necessary facts you need in order to make a conscious and informed decision.

We are proud to say that FlyMedi’s vision and dedication did not go unnoticed and as such our partner network grew considerably since the very first months of development. This, in turn, allows us to offer you more options for treatment, better prices and a wider range of destinations.

Your travel plans, appointments, and bookings will all be handled by the FlyMedi staff, and through the all-inclusive medical tour packages you can save up to 80% on your medical needs and requirements.

FlyMedi’s top FAQ

Are the Clinics Listed on FlyMedi Safe?

FlyMedi only works with internationally accredited clinics and hospitals that have proved their experience in serving international patients. Turkey has 44 Joint Commission International accredited hospitals and clinics which is one of the greatest volumes in the world also leading by the United States, UAE, and China.

Do I Have to Pay If I Want to Use FlyMedi?

All services offered by FlyMedi are completely free. We also provide free doctor consultations and free price quotes for all of our listed procedures.

How Can FlyMedi Guarantee Best Prices for A Certain Procedure?

Through our extensive partner network, we can provide you with the best prices. These are specially negotiated agency prices, hence “Best price guaranteed!”

What Is Included in The Price Provided by The Clinic?

On certain procedures, clinics may offer free online consultations. Free airport pickup and local transfers between airport, hotel, and clinics are also included in the price. All taxes are also included in the price.

Price and Treatment Transparency

As a US patient would know, price transparency is one of the biggest problems in USA medical care. Although promising steps have been taken, such as the drug price transparency bill signed by California Gov. Jerry Brown in 2017 which brings the obligation to publicly justify big price hikes, the same medical procedure can still cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars more in different cities and different clinics. It’s also impossible to get a reliable price quote from clinics.

Flymedi will always give you the price quote upfront, so you will not have any surprises.  This way it’s easier to do comparison shopping and choose something that best suits you. Our pages also feature ratings and reviews from other patients who visited the clinics you are interested in. You can also check each clinic's gallery and take a peek at what it actually looks like – Everything, from the comfort of your own home! This is what FlyMedi is all about.


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Our team will dedicate their effort and time to help you choose the clinic best for you. Our goal is not just to find ‘a doctor’ for you, but to find ‘the right doctor’.

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