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Why Choose FlyMedi?

Getting any medical treatment in a foreign country can be stressful sometimes. As Flymedi, we know this first hand because we help thousands of international patients get the treatment they deserve away from their home countries. 

The wave of medical tourism is just unfolding, and as such, more and more people are choosing to get medical treatment in foreign countries. The main reason for doing this is to save money or get high-quality treatment that guarantees the desired outcome. 

But why should one rely on FlyMedi to organize their treatment in a foreign country? 

Well, that's a good question. In this post, we will unpack all the benefits of choosing FlyMedi as a guardian friend that stands by your side in your medical treatment journey in a foreign land. 

Let's get into it. 

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Benefits of choosing FlyMedi

At FlyMedi, both international and local patients experience the art of care and seamless medical travel experience. 

Our team of professional healthcare consultants makes sure that every patient we assist gets the personalized attention and care they need. 

We consider ourselves to be in the business of making life easier for international patients. The best kind of assistance is offered to anyone who requires our services –we do not discriminate against one's race, religion, or nationality. 

What makes us unique, you ask? 

We have specialist knowledge and expertise: We know the best countries and clinics to find the treatment you want at the best price.

Affordable rates – Over the years, we have built a good rapport with our partner hospitals and clinics in different countries across Europe, Asia, and America. We can get you access to special deals and discounts that are not available to the public –this can include discounts on your treatments.

Better access – because we have a good rapport with so many clinics, hotels, and airlines, we get priority when booking the best clinics, hotels, and flights.

Complete medical tourism packages – as mentioned earlier, we are in the business of making your travel experience seamless. We handle every aspect of your trip. From preparing quotes, liaising with the clinic, booking your flights, and accommodation, and organizing your transportation –we take care of everything, so you don't have to worry about forgetting something.

No unexpected expenses – we include everything in the quotation we send you so that it becomes easy to budget for your trip. You won't have unwanted surprises. 

24/7 Support Services – you don't have to worry about different time zones. You can reach out to our healthcare consultants anytime you need any assistance. 

Patients-first approach – Every decision we take is based on what is right for the patient. Once you reach out to us, you're no longer a patient, but you are family. We take care of our own.

Full transparency – Our team is well-trained to have a culture of openness. From the moment you engage our services, we keep you informed every step of the way. We make sure you know about any payments needed, upcoming appointments, and what results you can achieve based on your condition. 

What criteria do we use to select clinics?

Every hospital or clinic, we work with adheres to our strict quality standards. At FlyMedi, we don't take chances when it comes to our reputation and our client's wellbeing. 

This is why we only select hospitals and clinics accredited by the highest international healthcare boards. We do this to ensure that you'll get the best quality treatment at the most affordable price. 

Each partner, hospital & clinic is highly experienced in dealing with patients from different nationalities, backgrounds, races, and religions. We make it a point that our partner hospitals and clinics offer an extensive range of services to patients in different languages. 

Over to you…

Now that you know the benefits of choosing FlyMedi as your guardian friend in your medical treatment journey, it's now up to you to decide. At FlyMedi, we don't pressurize any of our potential patients into making a decision –we are only here to give you the best advice to have a hassle-free medical experience. To learn more about us, you can go through the reviews we got from our previous patients on Trustpilot. 

This content is edited by Flymedi Medical Editors in April 2023.


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