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CyberKnife is a radiation-based robotic system developed for tumor treatment to slow the progression of advanced cancers or recurrent cancer. This system is the result of combining the six-joint robot arm normally used in the production lines of the automotive industry with a high-precision radiation device that emits high-energy X-rays, which are also used in conventional radiation therapy. Thanks to the flexibility and accuracy of the system, all body parts can be easily accessed without being affected by the patient's lying position. Thus, high levels of healthy radiation doses have a great effect on tumors in the body with millimeter accuracy, even in a single session, so that they do not require an incision or anesthesia, and healthy tissues in the adjacent and surrounding areas are optimally protected.

CyberKnife treatment does not affect the quality of life. It is carried out within the scope of outpatient treatment and does not require hospitalization. The patient can usually return to their usual daily routine shortly after treatment.

Who Is This For?

If the radiation therapy option was decided by the doctor for treating the tumor, the CyberKnife system is approved for the treatment of tumors in all areas of the body, including

  • Brain

  • Spine

  • Spinal Cord

  • Lungs

  • Prostate

  • Liver

  • Kidney

  •  Pancreas

Treatment Duration

30 to 90 minutes.

Potential Risks & Side Effects

Most patients have little to no short-term side effects and recover quickly. Depending on the region of the body and the size of the treated area, slight side effects can occur. Such as;

  • Headache

  • Fatigue

  • Nausea

Relatively strong side effects are;

  • Urinary problems

  • Urination urgency and frequency

  • Anal and rectal irritation, hemorrhoids, and stool problems.

Recovery Time

Patients do not require significant preparation before treatment, and treatment typically involves little or no recovery or hospitalization.

Success Rate


Alternative Treatments

  • Conventional radiation therapy

  • Chemotherapy

  • Radiosurgery

  • Gamma Knife (for brain tumors only)

How Does It Work?

Radio surgical therapy with the CyberKnife leads to DNA damage to the cell. Radiation-biological consequences are the loss of the ability to divide, a disturbance of proliferation as well as cell death. This means that the cells can no longer multiply and die.

What Does a CyberKnife Treatment Involve?

1.         Consultation for CyberKnife Treatment

Your treatment process under the guidance of FlyMedi begins with an online consultation. Our experts listen to your complaints, your story, and your expectations; They will inform you about whether you need CyberKnife treatment. It is important to share all your health information that may be useful at this stage. If available, you will share your diagnosis and treatment process documents, imaging results, and information about your current health status and you will receive your initial counseling.

2.         Planning Your Trip and Choosing the Clinic

After your eligibility for treatment is finalized and you want to move on to the second step, we offer a list of clinics that meet the criteria you give. You examine them and decide on one of them. Depending on your choice, we move on to planning your trip and treatment process.

3.         Final Consultation with Your Surgeon

When you arrive at the clinic, you will have a face-to-face consultation with your doctor. Everything about your treatment will be discussed and decided during this consultation. The doctor will ask you some questions to try to understand your expectations and goals better and also make you understand what you should expect from your treatment and the potential risks or complications of the procedure which are rare. Your doctor will explain the whole process clearly and try to simulate it as much as possible, in order for you to feel enlightened and ready.

4.         Medical Examinations

Before the CyberKnife treatment begins, your doctor will conduct physical and blood tests to make sure that you are in acceptable health status for the process. Every patient is required to undergo medical tests to ensure that nothing can hinder the success of the procedure and if any risk is obtained, doctors will try to eliminate them first.

5.         Treatment

After the whole preparation period, it's time to relax and trust your experienced doctor and clinic, who will help you to get rid of the tumor you have and to take a step to a healthier life. The CyberKnife treatment will consist of the following steps:

  •  Preparation: You need some imaging tests to assess the location, size, and shape of the tumor. This data is sent to CyberKnife software to help determine the right dose, place, and a number of treatments. In the case of brain treatment, an individual headrest is made. This helps the patient to keep the head still during the treatment with little effort. In the body area (e.g. lungs, liver, kidney, prostate), the tumors are marked before the treatments.

  • Treatment Planning: At this stage, your doctor will recommend a treatment plan based on variables such as your imaging results, the stage, and level of cancer, your age, and other health problems. The CT and MRI data are transferred to a planning computer. After a precise definition of the tumor and the surrounding structures, the dosage, i.e. number and intensity as well as the direction of the rays for the CyberKnife treatment are calculated. Depending on the location and size of the tumor, this calculation can take up to 24 hours. The patient does not have to be present during this step.

  •  Treatment: Treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis in practice rooms. No special precautions need to be taken on the day of treatment. The normal breakfast and any medication can be taken as usual. At the beginning of the treatment, the patient is asked to lie down on the treatment table using the previously adjusted headrest or body splint. Anesthesia is not required as the treatment is completely painless. You should lie as calm as possible during the treatment, but smaller movements are possible. The attending doctors monitor you with video cameras. The doctor can be contacted at any time using a microphone. A duration of 30 to 90 minutes is required for the treatment.

  •  Completion of Treatment: Usually, only one treatment session is required. In rare cases, it may be necessary to split the radiation dose over several sessions. The patient is usually treated on consecutive days. After the outpatient treatment, the patients can leave the clinic or hospital by themselves or better with a companion and go back to their daily activities.

  •  Check-ups: As after every medical intervention, regular attendance to outpatient check-ups are recommended to be able to carry out an exact assessment of the current health status of the patients.

What Should I Expect from CyberKnife Treatment?

After the CyberKnife treatment is complete, you can return to your normal daily activities. Side effects are rare. It depends on the size, location and treatment dose of the tumor. Some patients have mild side effects within a few days, such as headaches, nausea, or fatigue.

Usually, the first follow-up visit is determined three months after treatment (for metastasis and malignant tumors) or six months after treatment (for benign tumors or vascular malformations). You must bring your imaging and scanning results (CT, MRI, or PET-CT) to these appointments. Your doctor will evaluate these images and explain the findings.

Benefits of CyberKnife Treatment

CyberKnife treatment has many benefits and advantages for the patient, these are:

  • No need for surgery

  • Pain and discomfort are not felt during the treatment since it does not contain an incision

  • Since CyberKnife treatment can correct patient movement during treatment, it eliminates the need for a hard metal head frame

  • Anesthesia is not needed because the patient does not feel anything during the application

  •  No hospitalization required

  • No risk of bleeding and infection

  • The patient's return to daily life after treatment is fast

  • Treatment time is shorter compared to traditional radiation therapy

  • The radiation provided by CyberKnife is directed towards a specific target, so hair loss or skin burns are unlikely to occur.


Is CyberKnife Treatment Procedure Painful?

CyberKnife treatment is painless. Patients don’t feel anything as the radiation is delivered. Relaxing is the best option while waiting for the session completes. You can listen to music for relaxing during your treatment.

Does CyberKnife Treatment Leave a Scar?

CyberKnife technology does not leave any scar as it does not contain a surgical incision.

How Does CyberKnife Treatment Differ from Conventional Radiation Therapy?

In conventional radiation therapy, high doses of radiation are applied infractions to maximize the radiation effect on the tumor and to reduce it to healthy tissue. The total radiation dose is usually divided into 10 to 40 individual sessions once a day over several weeks.

CyberKnife is designed to apply the radiation with sub-millimeter accuracy in the tumor using intelligent image guidance and dynamic position determination and to protect the surrounding tissue as much as possible. Since the surrounding tissue is only slightly stressed, the entire treatment dose can be irradiated in one to five sessions.


Learn more about CyberKnife Treatment in Turkey by comparing costs and reviewing the clinics and doctors.

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    Evgeni, Russian Federation
    star star Jun 2022
    Очень хорошая группа помагли
  • Verified Verified Review
    Liane, Iceland
    star star Sep 2021
    I wasn't so sure about this but also I was never this happy to be proven wrong. Amazing clinic, outstanding doctors. Thanks for everything!
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    Josephine F., Georgia
    star star Aug 2021
    Bravo! The clinic with high standards and great work ethic, the doctor with great knowledge and skills. Just bravo!
  • Verified Verified Review
    Hussain, Jordan
    star star Mar 2019
    انا من اليمن واخي عنده ورم في الدماغ…انا من اليمن واخي عنده ورم في الدماغ وسافرنا للعلاج في الاردن وضلينا في الاردن حوالي ١٨ يوم واجمعوا الدكاترة في الاردن على استحالة وصعوبة العملية واقترحوا علينا العلاج بجهاز حديث الا وهو جهازCyper knife وهنا بدات رحلة البحث عن اجراءات السفر الى تركيا وتواصلت ببعض منسقين السفر والعلاج ولكن صراحة بعد ان توصلت مع الاستاذه نادية احسست اني اتعامل مع شخص راقي جدا يقدر المريض ويحس بحالته وكانت متفاعله جدا معنا وترد بسرعة وكانت صبورة معنا لحد كببر وبناء على ردها وعرضها للحلول المقترحة ذهبت احدى المستشفيات واحسيت اني ذهبت الى المكان المناسب طبعا هذا كله كان بفضل المنسقه الممتازة الاستاذة ناديهفي هذا الكتابة القصيرة لا اجد كلمات معبرة للاستاذة نادية الا ان اشكرها على تسهيل مهمة سفرنا وعلاجنا في تركيا فجزاها الله عنا الف جزاء وشكرا لها على صبرها وتحملها لنا
  • Verified Verified Review
    Majid, United Arab Emirates
    star star Dec 2018
    Experience with FlymediTHE Flymedi REPRESENTATIVES WAS VERY COOPERATIVE and prompt in his reply regarding any inquiries. their recommendation for the treatment was perfect and the program for the hospital was so clear. All in all, it was a very pleasant and successful tie with Flymedi. Treatment was successful. My special thanks to my representative (MR.Yusuf), and thanks for the team of Neolife hospital.
  • Verified Verified Review
    Mihaela, Romania
    star star Sep 2018
    I had a very nice experience with Flymedi company.Mustafa from Flymedi has contacted me with the specialist and has been assisting me all the time.He did the appointment to the specialist doctor, got an official hospital address that I needed to get an emergency pass,sent the hospital information about the hotel that I booked so that a car could be sent to take me from the hotel and take me to the hospital.I was interested in my health and the way I was received and treated, transmitted the results of my analysis, and made sure I did not pay more than I was informed from the beginning. I didn't know I could be helped in this way ever. The services offered by Flymedi are complete, exactly what anyone may want in the situation when it needs the mediation of some medical services.The Istanbul Memorial Hospital has very good conditions for investigating health and treatment, providing and facilitating personal assistance for any stranger. I cordially recommend Flymedi and Memorial Hospital
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