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About The Clinic

Dr. Deniz Yazici Clinic is a well-known plastic surgery clinic led by an experienced surgeon, Dr. Deniz Yazici. The clinic is located in the city of Izmir, Turkey. The clinic specializes in Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic procedures such as; rhinoplasty, nasal tip surgery, and eyelid surgery. 

Dr. Deniz Yazici is a surgeon who follows the latest innovations and implements them for the best-desired look. He has worked in over four different hospitals in different cities in Turkey, and he has successfully performed plenty of plastic surgery operations so far. He has a patient-focused approach to ensure that his patients receive the desired results and the attention that they deserve. With its professional team, the clinic serves its patients in Izmir, Turkey.

Languages Spoken
  • FLYMEDI English
  • FLYMEDI Turkish
  • Dr. Deniz Yazici
    Specialisation:Ear, Nose and Throat, Plastic Surgery Years of Experience:15 Education:Faculty of Medicine - Ege University Languages:English, Turkish
Before / After
Rhinoplasty at Dr. Deniz Yazici - Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty
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