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Aylya Mustafova, Turkey
star star Jan 2021

I highly recommend the services of Flymedi

I highly recommend the services of Flymedi 🔝🔝🔝Professionalism, accuracy, friendliness and most of all quality work. Abud ✔️✔️✔️was our agent, we thank him for his accuracy and professionalism. I recommend !!!💯💯💯

Henry Mitchell, United Kingdom
star star Dec 2020

Long waiting times in UK…

Because of long waiting times in UK hospitals due to Covid19, I hit upon the idea of having my bilateral hernia surgery done while on a 2-week holiday in Antalya. After making inquiries through Yasmin, I had a short but comprehensive consultation with an eminent surgeon Prof Alihan Gürkan and my operation was scheduled for a day halfway through my stay in Antalya. It went well with keyhole surgery, I stayed in overnight and was discharged the next day, which gave me 6 days to recover before my flight home to Scotland. Yasmin kept in touch throughout, making sure I had transport to and from the hospital, and a special thanks to Fatma, my mentor and guide at the Memorial Hospital on my day of tests and examinations. I telephoned my surgeon a few days after the operation for advice on removing my plasters and he was most helpful and reassuring about my complete recovery. I was not too fond of the breakfast, but considered it as another form of medicine! My flight home was amazingly comfortable without painkillers, although they were definitely needed for a few days after my operation. In conclusion, I would be happy to have other treatment like this, though in a nice sort of way I hope never to set eyes on the Memorial Hospital again. 🙂

George Bileci Malta, Turkey
star star Nov 2020

A very positive outcome

A very positive outcome, following my decision to pursue in having dental cosmetic surgery/treatment carried out in Turkey. Excellent advisory skills by Flymedi rep Abud. He was professional, well informed, and followed me up with total attention throughout the whole process. Last but not least, I thank Dr Ahmed Kumsan and his team at Infinity Smiles Dental Clinic for their commitment and professionalism. Highly recommended.

Alexander Sullivan, United Kingdom
star star Nov 2020

Thank you Flymedi

I was considering several different options, however Abud was by far the most committed and helpful of all the agents I'd been in discussions with. Everything was organised for me and I was guided throughout and if I was feeling apprehensive about anything or had any questions Abud was always on hand to answer my questions and give reassurances. I'm so happy with the results of my operation and I was left overwhelmed by how friendly and supportive everyone was throughout. If you're considering using flymedi then I can honestly say you'll be delighted with the service both before during and after your surgery.

Bernadette Kemal, United Kingdom
star star Nov 2020

Yasmin helped me find my surgery and…

Yasmin helped me find my surgery and helped me with everything i needed she was wonderful to talk to.and replyed to me very quickly. Great customer care and service . Thank you 🙏

Recommended For Full Tummy Tuck

Full tummy tuck surgery or full abdominoplasty is recommended for: 
• Women with one or multiple births that have stretch marks that affect the skin and abdominal muscles
• Patients who have lost a lot of weight - it is well known that weight loss or bariatric surgery is one of the main causes of stretch marks and excess and loose skin tissue 
• Older, slightly overweight women that have lost their tonus 
• Adults who are not happy with the appearance of their abdomen or with the results of diet and exercise plans

Not Recommended For Full Tummy Tuck

Full tummy tuck procedureis not recommended for: 
• Women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant 
• Patients with serious medical conditions which may affect the whole process in a negative wayons.

Number Of Trips Abroad


Discharge From Hospital

1 day

Duration Of Operation

1 to 5 hours

Minimum Stay

1 day


Full abdominoplasty, also known as full tummy tuck surgery, is a kind of complex cosmetic surgery performed in the abdomen area with the aim of making it look more firm, toned or thinner. There are many benefits of a full tummy tuck such as much flatter and smoother abdomen and reduced appearance of stretch marks.

Full tummy tuck surgery is popular among patients that had one or several pregnancies, or have excess sagging skin due to the aging process or a major weight loss. A complete abdominoplasty or full tummy tuck surgery often involves liposuction in order to improve the final results. 


Before opting for a full tummy tuck surgery or a complete abdominoplasty, it is recommended that patients inform themselves over the risks and complications of the procedure. Patients should have good general health, apply a healthy diet and stop smoking at least one month before and after the operation.

How It Is Performed

A full abdominoplasty or traditional tummy tuck surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia, and it takes between two to five hours. 
The surgeon makes a horizontally-oriented incision in the area between the pubic hairline and belly button. A full tummy tuck surgery involves a second vertical incision in order to change the position of the navel and to create a more appealing result.The shape and length of the incisions will be determined by the amount of excess skin patients have. During the surgery, surgeons can tighten the muscles by pulling them closer together and stitching them to give a more toned look and to create a smaller waistline.This is the muscle repair stage of the surgery. Sometimes liposuction might be used to improve the results by removing the undesired fat tissue, and the excess skin is also removed.

After the full abdominoplasty is complete, the incisions are closed using surgical stitches and the full tummy tuck recovery period can begin


Depending on the scope of the procedure and the patient's condition, the average full tummy tuck surgery recovery may last from one to four weeks. During this process, patients should avoid heavy lifting and are advised to take at least a few weeks off from work. Patients should wear a compression garment that can reduce swelling and bruising. This garment helps the skin conform to the new body shape. Also, smoking should be avoided for several weeks after the procedure.


Possible full tummy tuck risks and complications include: 
• Bleeding 
• Anesthesia complications 
• Fat necrosis 
• Asymmetry 
• Pulmonary embolism

• Delayed healing
• Thrombosis 
• Infection 
• Possibility of revision surgery 
• Skin discoloration 
• Suture rupture 
• Fluid accumulation

• Visible Scars

Side Effects

A full abdominoplasty can have several side effects, including: 
• Swelling 
• Bruising 

• Soreness or tenderness
• Post-surgical tummy tuck scars 
• Temporary discomfort

• Low back pain

Success Rates

The procedure has a 95% success rate according to patients’ reviews

Before And After

If patients follow their doctor's instructions carefully, they will be more satisfied with the results. If patients adopt a healthy lifestyle and maintain their weight in a stable and healthy range, the results of the surgery may last for years.


The benefits of the full tummy tuck operation are: 
• Improved self-confidence

• Improved appearance and body proportion

• Tighter abdominal muscles

• Tight and flat abdominal skin


Full Tummy Tuck Vs. Mini Tummy Tuck
Complete abdominoplasty is more complex and involves two incisions and sutures while affecting a larger area of the abdomen. While a mini tummy tuck needs only a small incision, the skin shaped on the lower abdomen will be more limited in size.

Are There Any Alternatives to A Full Abdominoplasty Or Full Tummy Tuck?
Cosmetics can be used to tighten the skin but they do not remove the excess skin and they are not as effective as full tummy tuck surgery. Also, some non-surgical alternatives like coolsculpting, lasers, and thermage can be chosen but only for minor changes. 

What’s the Difference Between A Liposuction And Full Tummy Tuck?
With a full tummy tuck, both excess fat and skin are removed while with liposuction, only the excess fat is removed.

Back To Work

3 to 6 weeks

Back To Sports

3 to 6 weeks

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