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An all on 4 procedure, commonly known as all on four dental implants is a prosthodontic technique which aims to replace compromised teeth,

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Umut Antalya Dental Clinic

Antalya, Turkey
6 reviews
TDB - Turkish Dental Association
FROM€ 2,500
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Dentineo Dental Clinic

Gdańsk, Poland
4 reviews
ICOI - International Congress of Oral Implantologists
FROM€ 2,878
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Velvet Dental

Bucharest, Romania
FROM€ 3,200
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Sonrie Estudio Dental

Barcelona, Spain
FROM€ 3,800
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Velez & Lozano

Murcia, Spain
ISO 9001:2000 - International Organization for Standardization
FROM€ 3,900
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Dentram Dental Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey
10 reviews
ISO 9001:2000 - International Organization for Standardization TDB - Turkish Dental Association TTB - Turkish Medical Association
FROM€ 7,490
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Clinica Art & Dent

Valencia, Spain
FROM€ 7,500
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Ocean Dental Cancun

Cancún, Mexico
ITI - International Team for Implantology ADA - American Dental Association AAID - American Academy of Implant Dentistry
FROM€ 8,971
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MDental Clinic

Budapest, Hungary
3 reviews
ISO 9001:2008 - International Organization for Standardization
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Memorial Ankara Hospital

Ankara, Turkey
6 reviews
JCI - Joint Commission International ISO 9001:2000 - International Organization for Standardization TTB - Turkish Medical Association
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Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

New Delhi, India
1 review
JCI - Joint Commission International
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Memorial Antalya Hospital

Antalya, Turkey
9 reviews
JCI - Joint Commission International ISO 9001:2000 - International Organization for Standardization TTB - Turkish Medical Association
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Implant-Art Dental Clinic

Warsaw, Poland
4 reviews
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Medical Park Goztepe Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey
3 reviews
JCI - Joint Commission International EMBT - European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation ISCT - International Society for Cellular Therapy
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Disseny de Somriures

Barcelona, Spain
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Average Ratings:  
46 reviews

All-on-4 Cost

Average All-on-4 costs are € 5,030, based on All-on-4 prices from 20 clinics. Cheapest All-on-4 cost is € 2,500 where All-on-4 prices can go up to € 8,971.

All-on-4 prices vary greatly depending on the clinic and the location. For example, All-on-4 in Turkey is a popular option where All-on-4 costs as low as € 2,500. You can also find All-on-4 clinics in Spain starting from € 3,800. All-on-4 in Poland is another popular option where prices start from € 2,878.

Please note that the All-on-4 prices listed on FlyMedi are the average price for All-on-4 procedures. Clinics may ask you to provide them with specific information about your medical condition in order to provide you a detailed cost estimate for All-on-4 procedures. To receive a personalized All-on-4 quote, please click HERE.


An all on 4 procedure, commonly known as all on four dental implants is a prosthodontic technique which aims to replace compromised teeth, decayed teeth or broken teeth from the upper or lower jaw. The all on 4 technique was developed by Paulo Malo and Nobel Biocare in the early 90’s and since then, this total dental rehabilitation procedure has gained a lot of popularity among patients as well as dentists.

All on 4 dental implants advantages include:

● The fixed prosthesis can be placed on the day of surgery
● Usually, no second trip required when the all on 4 system is used
● Lower cost compared to getting 12 or 14 dental implants
● Bone graft surgery is not necessary
● Natural looking teeth
● Minimal recovery time, compared to other procedures
● No dietary restrictions after the all on 4 dental implants and prosthesis are placed
● All on four implants are reliable and can potentially last a lifetime

All-on-4 Candidates

The all on 4 procedure is recommended for patients with a lot of missing teeth on the maxilla or mandible. The procedure is also a good solution for patients suffering from bone loss which prevents the placement of traditional, vertical implants in the jaw.

Am I Suitable for All-on-4?

The all on 4 dental implants technique is not recommended for the following categories of patients:

● Heavy smokers
● Patients suffering from bruxism
● Pregnant patients
● Patients with a suppressed immune system
● Patients who suffered a heart attack recently
● Patients with extreme jaw bone loss
● Patients who recently had radiation therapy in the jaw area

Preparing for All-on-4

Patients will first need to have a set of dental X-rays done, in order to check for any potential problems related to bone loss in the area. A CBCT scan may also be used for this purpose. If there are any remaining teeth on the maxilla or mandible, they will have to be removed.

How is All-on-4 Performed?

The all on 4 dental implants technique requires local anesthesia. Once the anesthesia kicks in, the dentist will create 4 incisions in the patient’s gum. The bone is then carefully exposed and the dental implants are placed into the jawbone. The implants are usually angled at 30 to 45 degrees in order to avoid any sensitive areas such as the sinus in the upper jaw or the mental nerve in the mandible. After the 4 implants are placed, the incisions are closed with sutures. A provisional or permanent prosthesis can be placed at this point and the recovery period can begin.

All-on-4 Summary


Local anesthetic

Back to Work

3 - 5 days

Duration of Operation

2 - 3 hours

All-on-4 Recovery

Patients usually return to work in around 3-5 days after the all on 4 procedure. Patients will also be provided with a guide which needs to be followed for the next 3 months – this is the time it takes for the bone to properly heal. Solid food is forbidden for at least 3-4 weeks and patients will only be allowed to consume liquid foods. After a few weeks patients can consume softer foods. Patients can also experience a lot of swelling and discomfort during the first week of the recovery period.

All-on-4 Risks and Complications

The following risks and complications are associated with all on 4 dental implants:

● Infection
● Nerve damage
● Osseointegration failure
● Damage to the sinus
● Loss of jaw bone

All-on-4 Side Effects

Patients can expect the following side effects after an all on 4 dental implants procedure:

● Pain
● Discomfort
● Considerable swelling
● Minimal bleeding

All-on-4 Success Rates

All on 4 reviews set the success rate at 94.8%, 10 years after the procedure has been performed.

Before and After All-on-4

After the all on 4 procedure, patients will be able to enjoy natural looking teeth with no dietary restrictions. Patients will need to maintain good oral hygiene practices in order to maintain the longevity of the implants and prosthesis.

All-on-4 FAQ

– Are there any alternatives to all on 4 dental implants?
Yes, all on 6 and all on 8 procedures. Patients can also opt for traditional dentures but all on 4 dental implants offer a fixed prosthesis and permanent solution.

– How long does the procedure take?
An all on four procedure usually takes around 2-3 hours, but it depends from case to case.

– Are angled dental implants safe?
Definitely. A study based on 245 patients with a total of 980 implants revealed a 94.8% success rate, ten years after the procedure was performed. When the all on four system is used, any pressure on the prosthesis is distributed among all the implants, so the angle of the implants has no ill-effect.