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EXCELLENT star star

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Alexandra, Romania
star star May 2021

Everything went well

Everything went well. Thank you Luna team.

Andela Bastos, Czech Republic
star star May 2021

My experience was great!

I was worried that I would have my surgery in a foreign country alone, but Luna Clinic made me feel right at home. They attended to my every need right away, and I didn’t feel alone even for one second. Thanks for everything. My experience was great!

Ian, Turkey
star star May 2021

Excellent Service from Abud of Flymedi

Abud was excellent in arranging my visit to Istanbul for both Eyelid and Hair Treatment. I decided to combine both treatments at Estecenter due to the clinics reputation. recommendations and also Abud's guidance. Abud clearly communicated the types of treatments available , estimated costs , all treatment schedules , travel logistics , hotel arrangements and daily transportation to and from clinic. Through responses coordinated between Abud and Estecenter he answered all my questions beforehand and was concise in the cost of treatments being communicated by Estecenter . Truly excellent service and i highly recommend you engage Abud as this leaves you know worries in relaxing during and after your very important treatments that you waited so long to have done Also i decided to stay and additional 7 days , at my own cost in Istanbul, to help my recovery.

Claudia Terrano, United Kingdom
star star May 2021

Life changing !

I had a massive operation with a full body lift that actually required 2 separate visits to Turkey which was very daunting for me to commit to but I’m so happy I did. I’ve never felt comfortable in my own skin and really struggled with my body especially after having 2 kids. It was really nice to do something for myself and Luna clinic made the experience hassle free for me. They were there for me from beginning to end through both visits and it couldn’t have gone better for me. Thank you so much for the life changing operation and experience.

Charlie, France
star star May 2021

Really happy with my experience

Really happy with my experience. Will deffinately reccomend Luna Clinic and the team to everyone.

Not Recommended For Osteosarcoma Treatment

To determine the suitability to take bone cancer treatment, stages of bone cancer is essential. In early stages, all methods, even the osteosarcoma surgery, are obtainable, whereas in late stages, bone cancer surgery is generally not possible or effective.


Osteosarcoma is the most widespread kind of bone cancer. Specifically, in adolescents due to their fast growth, osteosarcoma is a frequent disease. Regarding adults, osteosarcoma may be seen in people over 60 or in cancer patients who received radiation therapy for other kinds of cancer.
Treatment of Osteosarcoma may be in several ways, involving radiation therapy, chemotherapy treatment, and osteosarcoma surgery. The particular bone cancer treatment kind relies upon the patient’s age, the place, and stage of cancer. Developed metastatic bone cancer will necessitate a more complicated method than the early stage of bone cancer.

Bone Cancer Symptoms
Bone pain is the most apparent symptom of bone cancer. Adolescents frequently feel natural bone pain due to fast bone growth and it is difficult to tell if the bone pain is normal or a bone cancer pain. Consequently, bone cancer symptoms is not acknowledged by many until the osteosarcoma progresses to late bone cancer stages.


A detailed assessment about the medical history and medicines is the beginning of the preparations for osteosarcoma treatment. In this way, specialists will arrange the bone cancer treatment to the health of the patient and exclude the medicines which can disturb it.
Regarding radiation therapy and chemotherapy, you may better visit planned medical treatments beforehand, as it may be not possible for a while after these treatments.

How It Is Performed

Osteosarcoma treatment may be in diverse ways relying upon the stages of bone cancer and the patient's general condition. The classical components of osteosarcoma treatment are: 
• Chemotherapy – it may be administered before and after the osteosarcoma surgery or paired with radiation therapy. In chemotherapy, strong drugs are used in order to kill bone cancer. It may be received as a pill or an injection.
• Radiation Therapy – radiation therapy is used in a way similar to chemotherapy but rather than drugs, it uses radiation to kill bone cancer cells. It may be received as external radiation therapy (with a machine generating radiation) or internal radiation therapy (a pill).
• Bone Cancer Surgery – specialists try to eliminate the entire bone cancer-affected tissues. Occasionally it is used in later stages as well, so as to decelerate the development of osteosarcoma.


The recovery from osteosarcoma treatment will be a long period. On the other hand, it generally relies upon the extent and doses of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and bone cancer surgery.
The recovery period may last weeks (bone cancer surgery) or even months or years (chemotherapy and radiation therapy). Chemotherapy and radiation therapy gives rise to several side effects which should (but not always do) diminish in time. In osteosarcoma surgery, an implant may be needed to compensate for removed parts of bones.


Chemotherapy and radiation therapy as osteosarcoma treatment may cause damage to lungs and other vital organs, internal bleeding and other complications. As for bone cancer surgery, it entails the risk of damage to blood vessels and nerves, and infection. In rare cases, amputation will become a necessity throughout osteosarcoma surgery due to the spread metastatic bone cancer.

Side Effects

The popular side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy are nausea, memory and concentration difficulties, neurological issues and general feeling of being tired.
Osteosarcoma surgery may cause lesser capability to use the operated limb, whether a hand or a leg.

Success Rates

Survival rate of osteosarcoma relies upon stages of bone cancer, but even for advanced cancer which didn’t spread to other organs, the survival rate of bone cancer is seem to be as high as 70%. For early-stage bone cancer patients, this percentage may be even higher, while metastatic bone cancer patients have less advantage to completely recover from it.


What Is Osteosarcoma?
Osteosarcoma is a bone cancer especially common among growing up youths. Bone pain belonging to signs of bone cancer is often confused with bone pain experienced by many young people in their adolescence.

What Are the Types of Osteosarcoma Treatment?
Osteosarcoma treatment may take the form of chemotherapy treatment, radiation therapy, or bone cancer surgery. The particular choice depends on the patient’s health and bone cancer stages.

How High Is the Osteosarcoma Survival Rate?
Osteosarcoma bone cancer survival rate is thought to be 70% for patients in late bone cancer stages whose cancer didn’t spread to other organs.

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This content is written and reviewed by our medical content team in October, 2019.