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Dr. Osadowska Clinic

شتتين، بولندا
أضف إلى المفضلةتمت الإضافة

شفط الدهون تواصل مع العيادة

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أي مريض يعاني من زيادة الوزن قليلا أو لديه تراكم للدهون في مناطق معينة مثل الدهون في البطن. يمكن أن يستفيد من إجراء عملية شفط الدهون. الشرط الأكثر أهمية هو أن يكون وزن المريض مستقراً قبل الذهاب في لعملية جراحية.


التخدير الموضعي أو العام


Dr. Osadowska Clinic is located in the city of Szczecin (Stettin) in the north-western part of Poland, approximately 2-3 hours from Berlin. The place has daily flight connections to London through Szczecin airport, any 4-6 flights daily through Berlin.

The clinic is specialized in aesthetic and plastic surgery treatments for female patients who are at the age of 40 and over. The clinic offers treatments for patients who are experiencing aging problems and not satisfied with their appearances. All the treatments which are performed in the clinic are considered safe and effective.

Dr. Osadowska Clinic helps patients who are coming from abroad with accommodation, airport pick-up, booking hotel, and local transportations. The clinic also provides a personal guide to patients during their stay. The only thing that international patients do is to buy a flight ticket.

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Aleja Piastów 30، شتتين، بولندا

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