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اسطنبول، تركيا
أضف إلى المفضلةتمت الإضافة


جراحات تجميلية 20 procedures

زراعة شعر 4 procedures

طب أسنان 1 procedure


Estecenter has been proudly providing services in hair transplantation and plastic surgery with an experienced and qualified staff. Estecenter is always ready for service with fully equipped hospital environment, latest technology tools, and staff doctors and academic background at the top of their field of expertise.

Estecenter offers an outstanding hair transplant experience with cutting-edge techniques such as FUE, GOLD FUE, DHI and 18 years of knowledge.

Estecenter has expanded its area of activity in a short amount of time and became a strong name among international patients in terms of health tourism. In addition to medical services, Estecenter also provides VIP services, for foreign guests, including airport pick-up and accommodation services, as well as the opportunity to tour and see the historic and cultural riches of İstanbul attended by a translator.

In response to the increasing demand due to increasing patient satisfaction, and in keeping with the principle of unlimited and problem-free service, Estecenter made an important strategic move and increased its service capacity fourfold by establishing the ESTECENTER Plastic Surgery Centre in Fulya.

Signing on many expert doctors who have achieved great successes in the field of plastic surgery, Estecenter started to provide fully equipped services in all branches of plastic surgery with its medical personnel and academic staff. Furthermore, Estecenter closely follows global developments through its R&D team and integrates latest hair transplantation technologies throughout the globe to continue its track of successful hair transplantation operations.

Coming from a hair transplantation center, Estecenter proceeded on the road to become a Plastic Surgery Centre with firm steps. Regarding medical aesthetics as a whole, the clinic also provides services to the patients with their weight control and anti-ageing units.

فيديو تعريفي


  • جراحات تجميلية
  • زراعة شعر
  • طب أسنان
  • طب النساء


  • المرضي
  • اتاحة الوصول لذوي الاحتايجات الخاصة
  • موقف سيارات
  • واي فاي
  • وسائل مواصلات عامة
  • تليفون بداخل الغرفة
  • قهوة
  • مطعم
  • تلفاز داخل الغرفة
  • مكان لغسيل الملابس
  • أمن الغرفة
  • جرايد للأخبار العالمية
  • مكتب صرافة للعملات الاجنبية
  • صالون تجميل

نظرة عامة

  • مفتوح خلال عطلة نهاية الأسبوع
  • مفتوح 24 ساعة
  • خدمة الطوارئ
  • احصل على استشارة طبية مجانية

خدمة العملاء

  • خدمة استقبالكم وتوصليكم من المطار
  • أختيارات الفندق
  • خدمة توصيلكم من الفدق
  • خدمة العملاء
  • الترجمات
  • مرشد محلي
  • السياحة الداخلية
  • تأجير سيارة
  • خدمة السائق الخاص

اللغات المتاحة

  • اسباني
  • الماني
  • انجليزي
  • ايطالي
  • تركيا
  • روسي
  • عربي
  • فرنسي
  • ياباني


Fulya Mahallesi, Estecenter، Şişli، اسطنبول، تركيا