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10 Celebrities That Undergo Hair Transplant Surgery

When it comes to their looks, celebrities do not compromise. This is one aspect of their lives they cannot afford to let down. Many Hollywood celebrities have (and still do) invested a fortune just for their appearance to be enhanced.

Breast augmentation, Liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift, and Rhinoplasty are the most common plastic surgery procedures on most female celebs' to-do lists. Liposuction and Rhinoplasty are also popular among Male celebrities, but it is the Hair Transplant procedure that tops their list.

This article will present to you 10 male celebrities who have had hair transplantation surgery in the past decade. But before we delve into any details, here is a brief discussion about Hair Transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant

A hair transplant surgery is a cosmetic procedure that involves transferring hair follicles from an area of sufficient hair growth (known as the donor area) to a bald area (referred to as a recipient area). You can think of it as a procedure designed to combat baldness.

More often than not, people think that a hair transplant is a procedure done to one’s head, but it can also be done to restore eyelashes, eyebrows, beard, and chest hair.

Having been first performed in the late 1930s by a Japanese dermatologist, hair transplant surgery has come a long way and it has advanced over the years, thanks to the advent of technology.

Due to these technological advancements, dermatologists now use two safe techniques when performing a hair transplant. The first technique is known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) —this method involves harvesting single hair follicles from the donor area to the recipient area. The second technique is referred to as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), and it's different from the first one in that hair follicles are transplanted as a small group.


Why Choosing the Clinic So Important?

Many foreign patients face the challenge of choosing a clinic that’s right for hair transplant treatment. If you have conducted thorough research on the internet, you might have noticed that many clinics claim to be the best when it comes to hair transplant procedures. In all our articles, we often advise our readers to be extra careful when it comes to choosing the right clinic to have a medical or cosmetic procedure.

The success of a hair transplant procedure, or any other surgery, is determined by where you have the surgery or by the surgeon who performs the procedure. It’s best to have it at a clinic that has a high success rate and that uses technologically advanced equipment to perform the surgery. One such hospital you might want to consider is Acıbadem in Turkey —this institution has a reputation for giving satisfying results and their hair transplant success rates are high.

Having said that, here is a list of the 10 celebrities who have had successful hair transplant procedures.

Jeremy McConnel

You probably might not know him, but Jeremy McConnel is an Irish TV star who starred in the popular British television series, Beauty School Cop Outs. this Irish actor visited Hair of Istanbul in December 2017 to have a beard and hair transplant. He went back to Istanbul in September 2018 for some checkups and he has been satisfied with the outcome of the procedure.

According to Jeremy’s words, the center did exactly what he expected them to do, and his looks were transformed for the better. He also says that the surgery was painless and the team involved in this procedure was friendly and welcoming.



If you are a soccer fan or you are someone who has been following the football World Cup, you probably have heard the name Ricardo Quaresma. The two-time winner of Portugal’s Player of the Year Award currently plies his trade in Turkey’s Beşiktas Football Club.

Quaresma was battling hair loss for years, and in his own words, this hurt his self-confidence. Fortunately, he won this battle against baldness when he set his foot at Elit Hair Transplant in Turkey.

If you are to meet Quaresma in person, you wouldn’t believe that he once was bald and you can’t even tell if he has had a hair transplant before. That’s how successful his surgery was.


Salman Khan

It’s nearly impossible to talk about the greatest Bollywood actors of all time without mentioning the name Salman Khan. Although he is known for his roles in front of the camera, Salman has also produced and directed Bollywood movies for years.

Salman had a hair transplant in April 2007 in Dubai. Back then, the hair transplant procedure was not as famous as it is now, and it was mostly reserved for the affluent.


Wissam Hanna

Having risen to fame in 2010 because of his role in the popular Lebanese soap-opera Ajyal, Wissam Hanna is one of the prominent people who have had a successful hair transplant surgery in Istanbul.

The Lebanese actor had the surgery at the same center (Hair of Istanbul) that Jeremy McConnel had had his. The Dermatologists who performed the transplant on Wissam revealed that they used the FUE technique, even though it was relatively new at the time.


Rafa Nadal

Rafa Nadal is a tennis superstar whose trophy-laden cabinet has multiple titles such as the French Open, US Open, and Wimbledon titles. In 2016, Rafa was the subject of hair transplant rumors. It’s believed that the Spanish professional had the transplant to sort out his thinning thatch. The procedure was performed is reported to have been performed in Madrid.


Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt is a multi-award-winning Indian film actor and producer. Those who have been following his career say that the famous actor has had a receding hairline from the dawn of his career. The actor solved this problem by undergoing hair transplant surgery in the US.


Wayne Rooney

You don’t have to be a staunch football follower to know the name, Wayne Rooney. The former England international and Manchester United player famously had a hair transplant surgery in 2011 to deal with thinning hair. Two years after his first hair transplant, Rooney went back to his UK-based surgeon for more hair grafts to address the stubborn baldness.


Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey is a celebrity chef based in the United States. It is believed that Gordon had FUE at Alvi Armani Center in Beverly Hills as he was spotted leaving the center wearing a black surgical cap around his head.


John Travolta

The name John Travolta rings a bell to action movie fanatics, although the Hollywood star has starred in comedies, science-fiction, dramas, and musicals. A simple Google image search will result in tens of thousands of images showing his receding hairline. The actor’s hair transplant is believed to have taken place somewhere in the United States three years ago.


George Sampson

George Sampson made a public announcement in April 2017 that he was having a hair transplant in the same year. The 26-year-old revealed that the decision to undergo a hair transplant was not only meant to boost his confidence, but it was also because of the pressure that comes with being a celebrity.

"It's not only for my confidence but also being in my line of work which is very image orientated and unfortunately I felt my hair (lack of) could affect my work."



So there you have it, celebrities are conscious of how they look and that’s why they all tend to embrace cosmetic surgery. We are in 2019, plastic surgery is no longer reserved for the rich and famous, you can have it if you want to.

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Watch the video below and listen to Anil's journey as we help him achieve his desired hair during his recent trip to Turkey:

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Roslia Santamaria
Dec 05, 2020

The ones I get the most are: “I love your hair!”, and “is it naturally like that?” (since it will air dry into long coils) prompting me to show them that a couple of coils actually change rotation halfway down. “who would pay for that I reply?” Then there’s the “women would die for that hair!”, and rounding out my top five are: “Can I touch it?” (sweet little old ladies or women of color have said that) and “Look at those curls, I’m so jealous!”.

Osisiogu Osisiogu
Apr 02, 2020

This Celebrities are hilarious and they actually look good on their transplant


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