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If you are putting the extra time and effort to tune your body, but feel your effort are naught. Maybe is time to try another approach that is faster, lower-risk, and higher success rate. Read our articles to better understand about this treatment.

What is Liposuction?

It is medical procedure that helps you remove excess or stubborn fat from selected body parts such as stomach, thigh, arms, love-handles, buttocks. For the purpose of gaining the appearance of fit physique.

Often times, Liposuction treatment is used to refine outcome of other procedures. For instance in the case of tummy tucks procedures or facelifts Liposuction is a low-risk operation with high success rates and relatively permanent results.


Liposuction Facts & Myths

  • Is Liposuction Performed for Weight Loss?

In brief no. Because Liposuction is an ideal treatment to improve the shape of your body by removing a small stubborn percentage of your body fat. To be a candidate for Liposuction you have to be healthy and within the normal parameters of body weight.

With that said, in liposuction weight loss is an instant but one-time kind of event. The fact is, you will gain weight if you don’t take care of yourself. Among liposuction facts and myths, this one is especially harmful.

  • Where Does All the Fat Go After Liposuction Surgery?

In many cases clinics and hospitals disposes of the fat as medical wastes. As medical discoveries progresses new usages are being found for the extracted fat tissues, like engineering stem cells, grow bones or small blood vessels, also Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure uses the patient's extracted fat tissues.

  • How Much Fat Can Be Removed Through Liposuction?

The maximum amount can be roughly 6-8 pounds (3 to 4 liters), with no complications. As the volume of fat extracted in a single day increases the risk of serious complications. If a patient needs more than 6 to 8 kilograms of fat removal, it is advised to divide the procedure into separate surgical procedures, each separated by 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Men Are Choosing Liposuction Too

It is a common misconception that liposuction is restricted to female patients. A significant number of male patients are choosing liposuction to get rid of the lingering stubborn fat they couldn’t shed with diet and exercise.


Lasers Are Sometimes Used with Liposuction (Slim Lipo)

You might have heard of laser technology being used with liposuction, which is true in some cases. It has the benefit of efficiently liquefying fat tissues resulting in less bruising and faster recovery time. Slim Lipo does in fact leave scars. Nevertheless, these are much smaller than in the case of traditional liposuction. The procedure requires only small incisions that do not need to be sutured and will recover without causing any scars.

In addition, Sound waves are used to liquefy the fat, and these waves can either go through the skin or the cannula, it is called Vaser liposuction.


Before and After Liposuction

During your consultation prior to the procedure, your doctor will present before and after images to set your expectation. After the procedure the results will not be visible instantly it will take few weeks, but during these weeks you will feel the difference that occurred. Moreover, always follow your doctor instructions for best possible outcome.

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Recovery from Liposuction

Liposuction recovery may include more than a week of which is suppressed by the medications. You need to make sure that your cosmetic surgeon have sufficient experience in this field.

The compression garments aren’t as some people would like you to think, necessary to achieve the final results you desire. Instead, they prevent the escalation of liposuction side effects such as swelling. As your body ages, it is natural to lose some firmness, but your liposuction results will be relatively permanent.

Your day-to-day activities can be resumed after the third day of your recovery. However demanding sports, and activities should be avoided until your doctor instruct you otherwise.


How to maintain Liposuction results

It is no secret the results of liposuction will have significant positive influence on you physically, emotionally, and mentally, Improving your life quality. With that said, to maintain the results of liposuction it requires effort. Without commitment to change your lifestyle will only guide you to the point before the liposuction treatment.

  • Exercise

Some folks may interpret exercising as signing up for gym and hitting the machine 7 days a week. Which is quite extreme for someone who is not use to this lifestyle. The aim here is to keep your body engaged in activities, you can start with any activity you like such as: swimming, hiking, or walking.

Start small and be persistent, and you will experience the benefits in all aspects of your daily life. The following are some scientifically proven benefits: reduce the appearance of cellulite, increase your sense of well-being, fighting depression, increase skin’s elasticity, ease muscle aches, pain, and tensions, fights blood pressure.


  • Healthy Eating Habits

We refrain from using the word "diet" because it has the notion of expiration date. Healthy eating habits represents a lifestyle. It is a slight change in perspective but a powerful one. Regardless of how long you spend exercising, it will only represent a fraction of the 24 hours in your day. Therefore, you need to plan and observe what you put in your body. Many health experts view exercising as damage control only. Adapting a healthier eating decisions is crucial to maintain the liposuction results.


  • Adequate Hydration

Increase your water consumption, it is highly recommended after several medical procedures, because it helps in the healing process and maintains the balance of body fluids. It controls calories, energizes the muscles and helps in the burning process (eliminates fat cells which is essential after liposuction surgery). Also maintains a healthy and balanced metabolism, and helps your digestion. If you are not a fan of drinking water it is time to make amends with it.



Is Liposuction Risky?

With any medical treatment there are possible risks, side effects, or complication. However according to the statistics liposuction is a safe procedure, most patients are immediately satisfied with the outcome.

As we established earlier, liposuction works by permanently removing fats from selected areas, meaning your body will not store it in that area. But your body will seek an alternative area to store excess fat such as your liver or heart, and that will put your life in danger.

Liposuction is a very successful procedure that it permanently removes fat cells from the targeted areas of the body. However, if you gain weight the fat will not be stored in those particular areas but different parts of the body. The new fat can show up deeper under the skin, and also it can be dangerous if it grows around the liver or heart. Thus, regular exercise and healthy eating habits will be your key to maintain the liposuction results.


How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

Switzerland, the USA, and Germany have some of the highest prices for liposuction, but destinations such as Spain, Turkey, Romania, and Poland have more affordable prices. The average cost of liposuction is $3,374, according to 2017 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

However, liposuction cost may vary widely according to some factors such as the surgeon's reputation and experience, the type of procedure used and the geographic location. The average fee referenced above does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other expenses. Moreover, Poland is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe for liposuction you can have one done for just € 1300. To give another example for clarifying the importance of country factor, the average cost of liposuction in Turkey is € 1,800.

If you stuck around until end of this article, might as well contact us to clarify any doubts or suggest suitable clinics for you and your wallet.



This content is edited by Flymedi Medical Editors in October 2019.




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