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10 Things That Make Medical Tourism Great

Thanks to the ever-increasing costs of medical care in several developed countries such as the United States, medical tourism is on the rise, more than ever. American patients are looking for less expensive alternatives for surgical, optical, and dental treatments while Canadian or British patients may grow weary of the long waiting lists in their respective countries. According to medical travel statistics released by the Medical Tourism Association, most of the health tourism travelers are female, and all are between ages 45 and 64. 

Whatever your purpose for health travel, dental tourism, or plastic surgery, several factors influence the growth and popularity of healthcare abroad:

• The ever-increasing healthcare costs in developed countries.
• International travel is more and more accessible and affordable.
• Global standards of healthcare are improving all around the world, and certain destinations are even surpassing international standards in order to globally establish the idea of plastic surgery abroad or dental holidays.
• Communication is more accessible, so it’s much easier to find, compare and contact foreign medical centers directly or through medical tourism companies.
• There are many organizations to promote healthy travel worldwide by building awareness about travel medicine, so there is no need to concern about travel-related health conditions.
• There is also an increasingly global knowledge about medical tourism which organizes various activities to share experiences in this area and to help achieve high standards. For example, an organization called Medical Tourism Network provides an educational and networking platform for all medical tourism professionals in the healthcare industry, insurance companies, physicians, travel agents, and hotels.

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So, let’s get down to the ten things that make medical tourism great!

1. Affordable Healthcare

Lower costs – as simple as that. One of the greatest advantages of medical tourism is the fact that patients can do comparison shopping for the treatment they require and actually see how much they can save up by going to one country or another.

Even with the costs of food, accommodation, plane ticket, and treatment, you can still save up to 80% on your medical procedure, compared to prices in developed countries such as the USA or Canada. Apart from that, certain medical centers often include hotel, plane expenses, and transport into their services.

2. High-Quality Medical Care

Medical centers abroad are very competitive in terms of privileged services to channel this growing interest in themselves. With its patient-centered approach, customized service styles, and comfort and luxury they are reluctant to offer, it is almost certain that you will be very well accommodated in most of them.

3. Experience with International Patients

Medical centers from around the world have extensive experience when it comes to international patients, so you won’t feel out of place since every medical center has its own interpreters that will basically make you feel just at home.

4. No Waiting Lists

No more waiting for treatment. Medical centers abroad will have you in and out, up and about, and fully recovered by the time you can get an appointment with the NHS, for example.

Procedures such as plastic surgery may not require treatment ASAP but when we are talking about a serious, life-threatening condition, patiently watching a waiting list is not an option. A foreign medical center will handle your medical requirements as soon as you send an inquiry.

5. Improved Flight and Communication with the Clinic

You can simply schedule your treatment through the phone or the internet. Flymedi, for example, will handle all your book flights, pick up from the airport, hotel stay and every other detail of your medical trip from day one, 24/7. And it provides the best prices through the extensive partner network.

These services eliminate the need to go to a clinic for assessments or evaluations, and you’ll only need to leave your house on the day of your procedure.

6. The Perks – It’s the Small Details That Count

The health care travel packages usually include transportation, travel visas, hotel accommodations, assistance from a local company representative in the destination country, and transfer of medical records to treating physicians.

When choosing a destination such as Turkey, you can get stuff like free VIP transfers between the hospital, airport, and hotel; free hotel stays in a 4- or 5-Star Hotel and even a free plane ticket. Not all destinations offer these advantages free of charge, but if you add them up, you’re saving even more money and more importantly, you’re getting away from the hassle of arranging everything.

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7. A Small Vacation on The Side

Medical tourism by definition is centered around getting better medical care at more affordable prices, but a side benefit to medical tourism is the fact that you can travel to another country and enjoy the sights. Patients seeking plastic surgery procedures or dental care can also have a lovely vacation overseas, making the whole experience even better.

8. Assistance Before During and After Treatment

Medical tourism agencies and facilitators are an important part of developing this industry, helping patients to become involved in medical tourism.

Online medical tourism service providers such as Flymedi will assist patients before, during, and after treatment. This includes free doctor consultations and all necessary arrangements for medical travel such as airplane bookings, hotel arrangements, and transport plus guides on having a successful surgery and guides on what to see and where to go while having treatment. After treatment, you will periodically receive tips and guides to help you with the recovery period.

9. Know Your Expenses Upfront

In countries such as the USA getting a price quote can be much harder, and you’ll have to wait for the bill at the end of your stay in the hospital. In 2016, the New England Journal of Medicine published a comprehensive report on surprise out-of-network medical bills which is an issue thousands of healthcare consumers have been grappling with for years. According to this report, although patients visit a hospital in their insurance company’s network, they may face surprise billing.

However, within your medical tourism plan, you will get a personalized quote based on your requirements and needs, which includes pre-op checkups, treatment, and even logging. This makes it much easier to figure out and keep tabs on your expenses and financial needs.

10. All-Round Better Experience with Better Privacy for The Patient and Less Stress

Perhaps the most important fact people tend to forget when getting medical treatment is the fact that you must be as stress-free as possible before going in for surgery. High-stress levels can affect the body in many negative ways and if you couple high-stress levels with post-surgery recovery the results can’t be very good – all our services are centered around the fact of making your medical trip as stress-free as possible. This will lead to a shorter recovery period and a better treatment result.

Privacy is another important aspect. Flymedi and all of its Partners will never offer your medical information to third parties, and the chances of bumping into your friends in the hospital while you’re in for a nose job are minimal. Moreover, Flymedi doesn’t sell, distribute or share your contact information with 3rd parties. People deserve their privacy; we respect it.

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