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5 Celebrities Who Had a Nose Job

Nose job (technically rhinoplasty) is surgery to change the shape or improve the function of the nose. Surgeons can perform nose job for medical reasons, such as solving breathing problems or correcting disfigurement resulting from trauma or congenital disabilities. On the other hand, it can also be done only for cosmetic reasons, which will change the nose's shape and appearance. Once you decide to have it, your surgeon describes you exactly what is your need related your nose. 

There is a lot to wonder about the nose job, for example, its cost, its risks, non-surgical applications, and people with this operation, especially celebrities as it is extremely popular among celebrities including actors, musicians, and TV stars.

For details of the procedure, we will invite you to our other articles, and in this one, we will list 5 celebrities who are spoken about their (accepted or claimed) rhinoplasty surgeries.


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Kim Kardashian’s Nose Job


With 126 million Instagram followers, Kim Kardashian is admittedly a figure of this century that tell us the image is everything. While she is known for her love for plastic and cosmetic surgeries, she insistently claims that a nose job wasn’t one of them.
However, numerous comparisons of her old and new photos indicate that in fact she probably underwent a rhinoplasty surgery resulting in smoothing up and reducing the size of her nose. Some of the specialists in the field are of the same opinion, making the theory of fans and tabloids even more valid. Kim Kardashian claimed that her nose indeed looks smaller, but it is the result of makeup she uses. Years may pass before we get to know the truth.

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Blake Lively’s Nose Job


Another celebrity attracting a lot of attention because of her alleged rhinoplasty surgery is Blake Lively, actress, the star of Gossip Girl series. It is obvious that she is always in the limelight with her family life and movies and her relationship with her husband Ryan Reynolds grabs more attention than her -claimed- nose job surgery. Her rhinoplasty procedure was supposedly conducted around 2008 and resulted in a smaller, narrower nose. While she never publicly admitted that she had a nose job, neither has she denied the speculations of media and her fans.

Jennifer Aniston’s Nose Job

The star of "Friends" and numerous movies Jennifer Aniston supposedly has had not one but two rhinoplasty surgeries. Although she shows younger than her age with his healthy lifestyle, she admits that she underwent some aesthetic procedures, but never confirms the rumors about her nose job as it is purely a matter of beauty enhancement. On the contrary, caught after the rhinoplasty procedure, she claimed that it was a necessary medical treatment in order to fix her deviated septum. Nevertheless, public opinion doesn’t seem convinced since this is a popular explanation among celebrities.

Ryan Gosling’s Nose Job


It was thought that Ryan Gosling, one of the best actors in Hollywood, had a completely natural look for many years because the artists couldn't make many changes under the spotlight.

Nevertheless, a blogger said that Ryan Gosling might have had a rhinoplasty surgery when he was young, that is when the career has not yet accelerated. The circle, which is supported by some experts in the field of aesthetic surgery and growing journalists, claims that in the late 90s or early 2000s the actor decided to do a nose job. As might be expected, Ryan has rejected this claim, but his nose looks smaller and smoother compared to the look in his Mickey Mouse Club movies. And the procedure of Rhinoplasty seems to be a possible explanation. Although his life with his wife, Eva Mendes, is more interesting, isn't it worth talking about? What do you think?

Mickey Rourke’s Nose Job


In contrary to previously listed stars, Mickey Rourke admits to having a rhinoplasty surgery done. He claims that it was necessary after his nose got broken several times in the period when he was busying himself with fighting in the boxing and wrestling ring. Although young Mickey Rourke was handsome and in great shape, his face changed significantly since his early acting career, and his nose still doesn't look like the perfect work of a plastic surgeon. So, in this particular case, we may believe that in fact his rhinoplasty procedure was aimed purely at reducing the damage done to his face.

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