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6 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Having one of Europe’s best healthcare system has made Turkey’s medical tourism grow by leaps and bounds over the years. It’s unfortunate — because of inadequate medical systems — that other countries’ stories cannot be narrated the same way. Millions and millions of people travel abroad for medical purposes, and Turkey’s city of Istanbul has become a haven that quenches their healthcare needs. Citizens from developed countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and Ireland also travel to Istanbul for healthcare support.  

In the plastic surgery world, Istanbul is regarded as the world's first choice for a hair transplant procedure. An operation that involves moving hair from a donor area to an area where there is insufficient or stunted hair growth. All other plastic surgery procedures are also performed in various surgical facilities in Istanbul, but it is the transplantation of hair follicles which has lured more patients from across the borders.

Although they visit for medical purposes in private and parastatal healthcare facilities, those who visit get to catch a glimpse of the world’s only city — Istanbul — that is located on two continents, Europe and Asia. They get to explore an indispensable holiday destination which is blended with historical sights and ultra-modern structures. Istanbul is wealth in fascinating unparalleled views, with most of its landmarks regarded as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Well, to cut the long story short, we understand time is of the essence, so from a mountain of good reasons we have handpicked 6 reasons why should consider having a hair transplant in Istanbul. You are welcome!

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1) You're spoilt of choice- over 300 hair transplant clinics

The availability of many surgical clinics that perform Hair transplant in Turkey gives you an option to decide the medical center that best suits your requirements. Surgeons also tend to compete to give the patients the best experience to garner for future references. This simply translates to improved service delivery. Having more hair transplant clinics also means that you get immediate attention. In fact, surgeon-to-patient ratios are excellent.

2) Affordable prices, compared to other countries

In most European countries, hair transplant surgery is reserved for celebrities and the affluent. This is due to the price tag of the surgery. According to The Washington Post, Turkey has the cheapest — ranges between $1 700 and $ 2 000 — hair transplant procedures than Britain and US whose prices are almost 13 times higher. In Istanbul, the prices are believed to be ridiculously low because of the abundance clinics. Having low prices doesn't necessarily translates to the services offered being of low quality, Istanbul welcomes thousands of foreign patients, and that saves as an indicator of how satisfying is its medical facilities.

3) Visa is easily obtainable

Acquiring a Visa is mostly regarded as a daunting experience. Especially Visa procedures of most European are draining and strenuous. With Turkey, the process is well-organized, and you can quickly get an electronic visa in a few minutes. So efficient, right?  Citizens from countries such as Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Georgia, Germany do not even require any Turkish visa. Yes, just a passport, air or bus fare. Without any drop of doubt, this is one of the reasons why Turkey has been the most preferred destination for patients who are seeking any medical assistance.

4) State-of-the-art Surgical facilities

It goes without saying that where you get your surgery and the type of devices used to determine the outcome of the operation. In other countries, technological advancement in the medical industry are underestimated, and as such, doctors are expected to work miracles. This can’t be said of Turkey. Technological in Turkey’s medical sector continues to evolve, and for several years, it has played a vital role in improving healthcare services. The use of latest equipment makes the Turkish hair transplant surgeries to be more effective.

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5) Shorter recovery periods

Besides having shorter waiting times, the hair transplant recovery periods are also swift in Istanbul. Patients who have their hair transplant in Turkey usually return to work in two or five days after the operation. These hair restorations results are visible in six months. The same can't be said of hair transplants surgeries in other European countries.

6) Beauty of Istanbul

Hair transplant in Istanbul

Istanbul has been home to three great empires — Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman — in the past centuries. As such, it houses several monumental landmarks such as Palaces, Museums, Mosques, and Churches. Due to this, the city is one of the top destinations on many tourists' places to visit list. It is the only place on this planet where you can literally have lunch, breakfast or dinner in Europe while enjoying a vivid view of Asia.


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