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Hair Transplant: How To Choose The Right Clinic?

The journey to combat baldness begins with selecting the best surgical facility. There are many factors that you should consider when cogitating on having a hair transplant. Not every clinic that offers hair transplant services is good at performing the surgery. Not every surgeon who performs the hair transplant surgery has a good record of it. There is a great need to do adequate research before deciding where you will have your hair plant surgery.

Just like any other plastic surgery procedure (hair transplant included), where you have the surgery determines the outcome. Well, just because we care about your wellbeing, and we’d like you to make the best possible decision, below we have outlined several critical factors to cogitate before having any of your hair follicles moved.

Ooh, wait!

Before we delve into these factors, let’s start by defining the hair transplant surgery. A hair transplant surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that involves moving hair from one area to an area where there is insufficient hair. Hair is moved from a donor area to a recipient area. There are two — Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) — techniques used to perform this surgery. FUE and FUT technique may differ in how they are carried out, but their primary goal is to add hair to an area with insufficient hair.

That said, and now…the factors! Shall we?

Where can I find the best hair transplant clinic?

We understand that picking the best hair transplant clinic is a daunting and boring experience. Everywhere you search, all clinics claim to be the best. Turkey has several clinics that offer hair transplant. The clinics range in surgical procedures they provide, devices they use and also range in quality. Since the turn of the century, the country’s medical tourism sector, due to plastic surgery procedures, has been on the rise. Thousands and thousands of foreign medical tourists visit the city of Istanbul, and this speaks volumes about the quality of its medical services.

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Which Hair Transplant technique is the best for me?

Of the handful of truths that generally governs the medical community, there is one that conditions the plastic surgery procedures. It is that if there are two options to choose from, one of it is the best bet than the other. To exemplify, the FUT might be the best technique for one patient, and the FUE might be the best to another. This entails that patients differ from one to the other; what’s best for one patient may totally be the worst for the other. There is a need to understand the patient’s expectations and how the procedures are carried out.

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To begin with FUT, this procedure involves moving a number of hair strips from a donor area to a recipient zone. This technique usually leaves a noticeable scar behind, since the surgeon has to remove the scalp skin to do the transplant. After the transplant is done, the surgeon then the scalp is sewn back. Patients consider this technique because it is quicker and a bit cheaper compared to the FUE technique.  FUT technique is usually recommended to patients with long hair which can cover the large scar left behind.

With the FUE technique, the transplant is different. This technique involves extracting single or individual hair strips from the donor area to an area with insufficient growth. Depending on the expertise of the surgeon, it can also be undertaken in the same duration as the FUT. But in most cases, FUE usually takes a lengthy time, and it is the most preferred by many patients as it leaves little to no scarring. To restore or correct FUT plugs, surgeons usually make use of the FUE technique, and as such, this makes the latter a more recommended technique for patients who are needy of long-lasting results.

Surgeon’s experience and education

Obviously, before going through any surgical procedure, it’s important to know about the expertise of your surgeon. Ask for the surgeon’s curriculum and references. Remember, the surgeon's expertise also determines the success of hair transplant surgery. To get a better understanding of this, don't be embarrassed to ask about the number of patients he/she may have helped. You should ask for pictures of the surgeon's recent results. If they are genuine, they will avail these to you in no time.

Is there any Guarantee?

Reputable Hair Transplant clinics that give a specific guarantee to believe in their services. Be wary of clinics that offer guaranteed results without any other specific securities.

Medical staff of the clinic

What makes a clinic to be best is not only a string of successful results, but it's also the friendliness and expertise of its staff. This can be seen during your first consultation. Hair transplantation, just like any other surgical procedure, is a team effort. It comprises of nurses, surgical techs and assistants. They are all supposed to be well trained and well versed with the details and process of the hair transplant. The decision to undergo a hair transplant is personal; no clinic staff member or surgeon should push you to make a quick decision. If you feel pressured by any of the staff members that is your first red flag.


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