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Beard Transplant: Should You Do It? (Here is What You Need to Know) | Estepalace

You don’t have to be on Instagram or Facebook to know that men’s facial hair (beards) is now trending. Just visit any country or any big city and take a stroll in public places —odds are extremely high that you will be confronted by men wearing different types of beards. 

Yes, they have become that popular. 

As popular as they have turned out to be, some men would still prefer being beardless. But considering that we are living in an era where beards are perceived as a symbol sexiness, there are more other benefits that come with having a beard. 

It’s unfortunate that not every man has this symbol of sexiness; but if one needs it, they can have it —thanks to the beard transplant procedure. This is a surgery that has turned beardless men into beardos that are seen as attractive by women. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at the beard transplant, indicate the ideal candidates and why you should do it. This is going to be one enjoyable read, so, buckle up! 

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What is a Beard Transplant? 

You can think of a Beard transplant as a cosmetic procedure that involves transferring hair from one area of your body to a certain area on your face (usually chin or cheeks). The approach used on this procedure is the same as the one used during an FUE Hair Transplant —what differs is the location of where the hair is moved to. Some people even believe that a hair transplant is a broad term that also encompasses a beard transplant. 

To complete the whole beard transplant procedure, it takes between six to eight hours and doctors usually prefer using the FUE method as it is painless. Another method that can be used is called a FUT, but it makes one feel discomfort. 

Whether your surgeon decides to use the FUE or FUT method, the transplant is performed with a minimum of 300 to 500 hair follicles. But in most cases, the average number of hair follicles used is between 4,000 and 7,000 —even though a full beard needs about 2,500 hair follicles. 

Despite the fact that a beard transplant is a non-invasive procedure, it is complex and has to be performed by an expert. Hospitals that claim that they can do it at a ridiculously low price can give you undesirable results. You have to do a thorough investigation and you should have the procedure at a reliable place. 

Why Should I Have a Beard Transplant? 

Beards may be trendy, but the idea of a beard transplant is still relatively new even in 1st world countries. But the good thing is, the results are satisfactory. This doesn’t mean that you should have it just anywhere —you still need an expert to perform the procedure so as to attain the desired results. 

Ask yourself why should you consider a beard transplant? If you are struggling to get an answer to this question, here are a few answers: 

You get the type of a beard you want 

Just as women hairstyles, beards come in different types or styles rather. So, if you are to have a beard transplant, you have the power to select the type of beard you want. 

Yes, you can liken it to having a haircut, you just have to tell your hair transplant specialist the beard style you want. It sounds much more unbelievable, right? 

Bearded men are more attractive to women 

If you grow a beard, there is a high chance of getting more attention from the opposite sex. Beards do play a significant role in a man’s love life. One study that involved 8,500 women concluded that women prefer having a man with facial hair. In fact, in the same study, bearded men are were said to be attractive sex partners, masculine and best potential husbands. 

Beards make you feel confident

Facial hair in men is said to communicate confidence. There is something about a beard that makes you look so masculine. That “something” makes you bold, and it excuses you from being asked for an I.D in a bar. 

Beards imply intelligence 

This is shockingly surprising, right? But before you begin to disagree, just think of the ancient intellectual philosophers; Einstein, Freud, Ernest Hemingway, etc., they were all bearded and smart.  

Estepalace is the Best Place for Hair and Beard Transplant

In every country, there is a hospital that people go to for a certain medical or cosmetic procedure. In Turkey, when you talk about a beard transplant procedure, what comes into mind is Estepalace.  It is a clinic known for pleasing its patients when it comes to hair or a beard transplant procedure. Hair Transplant specialists at Estepalace have a track record of delivering desired results and minimizing side effects —and this why the clinic was awarded as the best hair transplantation center in Turkey in 2017. 


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