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Hair Transplant Tourism in Turkey Guide

In case you didn’t know, over 700 000 health tourists visited Turkey in 2023 for different medical and cosmetic treatments.

Which cosmetic procedure do you think was the most sought-after?

Yes, you’re right.

According to Turkey’s Health and Tourism Association, "420,000 foreign patients seek hair transplant treatment in Turkey per year.” If you’re good with mathematics, the calculations will tell you that there are over 8,000 hair transplant surgeries performed in Turkey every week and over 1000 procedures done on a daily basis.

This shows how massive hair transplant tourism in Turkey, isn’t it?

So, if you’re considering having a hair transplant in Turkey, there’s no need to be nervous. This guide will help you with everything you need to know about hair transplant tourism in Turkey.

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Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey

If you need to have a hair transplant surgery that is affordable, then you need to head to Turkey. Regarded as Europe’s hotspot for hair transplant, Turkey is home to hundreds of top-quality hair transplant clinics and it has some of internationally acclaimed hair transplant specialists. The country has a low cost of living as compared to other European countries, and this explains the ridiculously low prices of hair transplants.

According to the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, a hair transplant is priced anywhere between £1,000 and £30,000. The Healthline Magazine reports that a hair transplant in the United States ranges anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000. This same surgery will cost you €1,900 in Turkey and this price doesn’t mean that the outcome is compromised.


How to Choose a Clinic in Turkey

There are several factors that can determine the success of a hair transplant procedure, among them, is the institution where you have it. You cannot expect satisfying results in a clinic that generally has a lower success rate for hair transplant procedures. Even though Turkey has many hair transplant clinics, it doesn’t mean that they are all top-notch.

So, when choosing a hair transplant clinic in Turkey, you have to consider the following:

The Doctor

It goes without saying that the expertise of the doctor performing the hair transplant procedure will influence the outcome. It’s always advised to ask for the doctor’s before-and-after photos of their previous patients and to ask about their experience as well as their training.

The Clinic

As mentioned earlier, the clinic is very important. There are dozens of world-class hair transplant clinics in Turkey, you can even ask for pictures of the clinics before you even leave your home country.


With this being a digital era, best clinics now use technologically advanced devices when performing a surgery. This is something that you should consider.


If a hair transplant clinic is that good, it should be recognized globally and it must be an affiliate of an international organization such as the Global Council of Hair Restoration Surgery Societies. Internationally accredited clinics usually have a well-trained staff and a sky-high success rate.

Online Reviews of the Clinic

Online ratings are very reliable and they can help you know the experiences and opinions of other foreign patients who also visited Turkey for a Hair transplant. You can even reach out to those patients and get some recommendations from them.

With that being said, here’s a list of some practical information you might need to know:

How to Get a Quote

Getting a quote of hair transplant from a Turkish is easy, free and the process only takes a few minutes. Suppose you were using the FlyMedi website to compare the clinics and to read the patient reviews, and you’re satisfied and you have decided on the clinic. All you have to do is to fill this form, and the quotation will be delivered to your email.


Do I Need a Visa?

A valid passport is a must-have for every person who wishes to visit Turkey. But when it comes to the issues of visas –not every nationality requires a visa to visit Turkey. Spanish citizens can obtain a Turkish Electronic Visa, but some other nationalities will have to visit the Turkish consulate in their home country to get a Visa. You can visit the Turkish MFA website, for specific visa requirements.

Will People Speak My Language?

Most of the Turkish hair transplant specialists were trained outside the country, and they are proficient in speaking English. And also, considering that the majority of patients who have hair transplant surgery in Turkey are foreigners, clinics have long resorted to hiring polyglots –people who can fluently speak several languages.

Is Turkey Safe?

This is a question that springs to the mind of most health tourists who are planning to visit Turkey for a certain procedure. There are quite a number of articles that talk about Turkey being unsafe. But in all honesty, if Turkey was unsafe, Istanbul wouldn’t be home to more than 6 million foreigners; and the European football governing body wouldn’t have named Turkey as the hosts of the 2023 Champions League final.

Is the Cuisine of Turkey is Good?

When it comes to cuisine, Turkey has a rich diversity. Turkish cuisine is not just ordinary cuisine, but it is largely the heritage of the Ottoman Empire which in itself is a mixture and refinement of Greek, Middle Eastern, Eastern European and Central Asian cuisine. So, you can imagine how good it is?


If you have done a thorough research and you’re ready to go, then you should make sure that you have your traveling documents ready. This can be a nerve-racking moment for anyone, but if you follow this guide and ask the exact things we recommended in this post, then you’ll be okay.

Learn more about Hair Transplant in Turkey by comparing costs and reviewing the clinics and doctors.


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