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How Big are 1000cc Implants

Every year, thousands of women choose different types of breast augmentation. Most breast implants enhance naturally smaller breasts or restore breast volume and shape following pregnancy or breastfeeding. A 1000 CC implant is one of the largest breast augmentations available. 


1000 cc implants size

Choosing an XL breast implant such as 1000 CC is a serious decision. Therefore, you want to ensure the best medical care to avoid whatever sought of regrets in the future.  

This post compares breast implants and explains implant measurements. We shall analyze the 1000CC implants and compare them to different options. Moreover, you will learn where to get the best breast augmentation and choose the right implant size. 

What's the best foreign country to go to get 1000cc silicone breast implants?

Undergoing breast implants in a foreign country is a common trend. Women choose foreign surgeons because they offer exceptional standards of care at an affordable rate. 

Besides, foreign-country breast implants guarantee the patient's privacy. So, which is the best country to get a breast implant?

The majority of women choose to travel to Turkey for their breast implants. The choice is likely because Turkey offers a combination of renowned doctors and boasts a modern medical infrastructure. In addition, renowned Turkish breast implant surgeons provide much lower prices than the average cost of breast implants around the globe.  In that regard, most women prefer traveling to Turkey for the best breast implants. 

Other countries to consider for breast implants include Thailand, the Czech Republic, the UK, Croatia, Lithuania, and Mexico.  Here is a treatment guide on breast implants for your consideration. 

How much do 1000cc implants weigh?

Most patients looking for breast implants care about the weight of their chest. For every 100CC, a silicone implant weighs 0.23 lbs. Therefore, a 1000CC implant weighs 2.3 lbs, which is approximately 1.04 kilograms. 


1000 cc implants risks

Apart from the additional weight caused by the breast implants in your body, most women report weight gain. Various factors contribute to overall body weight gain. However, the extra body weight is often temporal. 

Here is an overview of the common factors impacting weight gain, post-breast augmentation. 

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Fluid Retention

The stress relating to a breast implant and the consumption of prescription medication often results in fluid retention. Such fluid retention is often responsible for weight gain, and post-breast augmentation. As you heal, the fluid retention subsidies. 


Post-breast implants, you may experience some swelling in the breast region. The swelling could result in weight gain. 

Lack of exercises 

Doctors advise that you get enough rest after breast augmentation. Therefore, this lack of exercise translates to weight gain. Soon after resuming your daily chores, the extra weight sheds easily.  

Overall, proper dieting helps you minimize weight gain after breast augmentation. Therefore, follow nutrition tips as per nutritionists' advice.

How many ccs is a DD implant? 

Surgeons describe breast implant size in cubic centimeters or CCs. However, others may refer to implants by DDs. A DD implant is in the range of 400 to 450 CCs. 

Ideally, a DD implant may cause a 1.5-cup size to your original breast volume. Since the breast implant is to increase breast size, the skin brassiere determines the final breast shape post the implants. 

How big are 100cc implants? 

100CC implants equal 0.2 lbs. Before settling on what CC implant to request, understand that the original breast volume and shape play a huge role in guiding the choice. Therefore, talk to a consultant to guide you on the best size breast implant. 

Do you implant 1000cc under or over the muscle?


1000 cc implants

When it comes to breast augmentation, you have several decisions to make. One of the decisions is whether to place the implant over the chest muscle or beneath it. Ideally, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’, and there are different factors to consider. 

However, for extra-large implants such as 1000CC implants, the best option is over the muscle. 

Over The Muscle Breast Implant 

Another name for the muscle implant is sub-glandular placement. The procedure involves placement of the implant above the pectoralis major muscle, and under the glandular breast tissue. The muscle implant is often easier compared to the under-muscle option.

Besides, women who choose the muscle breast implant experience minimal post-operative discomfort. Besides, over-the-muscle placement, results in a greater risk of rippling. 

Under The Muscle Placement 

Submuscular placement is a great option for women with little natural tissue. Ideally, the chest muscle covers and supports the implants, resulting in a natural look. However, under the muscle implant is not good for women whose breasts sagged due to aging or breastfeeding. 

How do I choose the right-sized breast implants?

The best way to make sure you choose the right breast implant size is to make sure you understand the implant's sizing. Consult a professional implant surgeon once you know implant sizing in terms of CCs. 

During the personal consultation, the surgeon wants to see the results you desire. Besides, the professional will examine the patient’s anatomy to determine the best breast implant to achieve your desired outcome.   

When determining the breast implant size, consider your lifestyle. Therefore, consider how active you are to determine if 1000CC breast implants suit your lifestyle. Remember that breast augmentation affects how your tops, dresses, and swimming costumes fit. 

In addition to lifestyle, think about your future. Most breast implants may need replacement in 10 to 20 years. Do you think you will still be able to afford a breast implant in 20 years?

What is the largest breast implant CC?

 Breast implants can be as large as 1,200 CCs. However, the most common implants are in 200C to 850CCs. A large breast implant will mean a greater diameter and an increased projection. Women who aspire to dramatic enlargement choose implants of between 800 CCs to 1000 CCs. However, remember that smaller breast implants do not necessarily equate to smaller breasts. 

Breast implants come in different sizes and shapes. To determine the best size and shape, consider the results you want to achieve. Besides, consider the proper breast implant placement and factor the body type, breast size, and breast shape. 

To understand more about breast implants read our treatment guide about breast implants.

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