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Top 6 Dental Tourism Destinations

With healthcare costs skyrocketing around the world, the need for quality and affordable dentistry has never been greater. Traveling abroad for affordable and quality dental treatment is an option that has turned out to be a trend. Even people from 1st-world countries are leaving their home countries in search of affordable and quality dental treatment in foreign countries. 

The good news is there’s no shortage of options regardless of where you decide to go. Just by having dental treatment abroad, international dental patients can save up to 80% of what they could have been charged in their home countries. 

If you are one of those people considering having dental treatment abroad, we advise you to choose a destination that is nearer to your home country. You can also use this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone – combine your dental trip with a vacation.

Having said that, let’s explore the top six dental tourism destinations and see why you should consider any of them!

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1. Turkey

It would be taboo to talk about the best destinations for dental treatment in the world and leave out Turkey. Year in and year out, thousands of international patients who visit Turkey for dental treatment enjoy the sights of Istanbul, or bask in the world-renowned thermal baths of Izmir, while saving money. 

As both a symbolic and geographical bridge between Europe and Asia, dental tourists have discovered the cultural gem of Turkey while receiving oral care from internationally recognized dentists. You’d be greatly undermining Turkey if you think that the country’s esteem among people looking for dentistry abroad is solely due to its geographical position. 

Turkey’s dental clinics, such as Dr. Ilayda Askan Dental Clinic offer some of the best dental treatment abroad, easily comparable with their Western counterparts. In addition, dental treatment prices in Turkey are also a great incentive. For instance, the average price of dental implants in Turkey is estimated at around €600.

2. India

Known for offering some of the best dental treatments in the world, India has an excellent reputation for its private dental clinics. The country’s healthcare sector has undergone an enormous boom in the past few years and it is now regarded as a global health destination, with medical tourism registering a 30% growth each year. Today, India is being dubbed the healthcare hub of Asia, with its healthcare industry set to grow by 15% a year for the next six years. 

India’s dental centers have earned their reputation as world-class institutions with state–of–the–art technology and a whole lot of internationally-recognized dentists. In comparison with the West, dental treatment prices are attractively low in India and this is the reason why there has been a rapid growth in international patients flocking to the country for dental treatment.

3. Romania

Slowly but surely, Romania is becoming known as one of the best destinations for dental treatment for foreigners. Every year, the country’s dentists are serving thousands of foreign patients. 

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is known for ‘cheap dental treatment abroad’ rather than the best dental treatment abroad. This is because of negative stereotypes in the international media. But if you are considering having quality and affordable dental treatment, consider heading to Romania and you will surely enjoy dental treatments (dental implants in this case) that are as low as €500. That’s a bargain, right? 

4. Hungary

You can think of Hungary, as the premier destination for dental tourism. This country has a strong position when it comes to dentistry abroad, and this is because it has world-renowned dentists, state-of-the-art facilities and it uses advanced dental equipment. The most frequent international patients are English, Irish, Germans, Austrians, Americans, Danish, and French.

Hungary offers a wide range of dental procedures, including dental implants, tooth extraction, dental bridges, teeth whitening, dental veneers, and crowns. Budapest, the capital and the most populous city of Hungary offers great dental care at 50-70% discounts. In case you need an idea about the dental prices in Hungary, dental implants are offered in Hungary at around €850 on average.

5. Spain

Over the past years, dentistry has become more and more affordable in Spain. And this is what made Spain one of the dental hotspots for dental treatment abroad. You will get any dental procedure in any dental clinic in Madrid and other large cities for a reasonable price. 

Spanish dental clinics can compete with Turkish ones when it comes to facilities, prices as well and dental expertise. International patients who choose Spain as the destination for dental treatment also visit the historic destinations in Barcelona. The most frequent international visitors are British, Irish, and Germans.

6. Germany

When it comes to the prices of dental treatments for international patients, Germany cannot compete with Turkey. Dental treatment prices in Germany are a bit high compared to any other destinations in this article. But, let’s face it, for some patients, traveling abroad for dental treatment is not all about the price or proximity to their home countries but rather about quality. There’s no denying that Germany has some of the world’s highest-quality well-staffed dental clinics. Most frequent international visitors are from: the MENA region and Africa.

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