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Otoplasty surgery, also known as ear surgery, is a type of plastic surgery procedure performed in order to correct any defects or deformities of the pinna (also known as the external ear). Ear surgery can also be performed to reconstruct a deformed, absent, or defective external ear as reconstructive surgery.

However, to pin back the ears so that they look better is a cosmetic procedure. Ears can be considered "prominent" if they stand out more than 2 centimeters from the side of the head.

Prominent ears can be annoying for children, who may be exposed to bullying and teasing. Otoplasty is performed more commonly during childhood but can be performed on patients of any age, as well. 

Defects or deformities of the ear can be caused by: 

  • Congenital conditions which are present from birth such as anotia or microtia
  • Physical trauma or disease in the ear region

Who Can Have Otoplasty?

  • Individuals with overly large ears called macrotia, congenital ear malformations including constricted ear, lop ear, and cryptotia
  • Individuals, both children and adults, who have protruding ears occurring on one or both sides and also have ears that “stick out too far”
  • Healthy individuals who do not have a serious illness or medical conditions
  • Children whose ears reach their full size (which normally happens by the age of 5) 

Otoplasty Treatment Duration

Otoplasty surgery takes 1-2 hours.

Otoplasty Risks & Side Effects

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Common surgical risks
  • Infection
  • Asymmetry in-ear placement
  • Overcorrection
  • Hematoma
  • Blood clot
  • Changes in skin sensation 

Otoplasty Recovery Time

Patients can return to work and light activities after one week. In two weeks, the final results will be visible, however, small changes may still occur for up to twelve months.

Otoplasty Success Rate 

Otoplasty has a success rate of 92%.

Otoplasty Alternative Treatments

There is no medical treatment alternative to otoplasty to reposition or reshape the ears. There are home remedies in which practitioners share their experiences about it, but none of them are as permanent and satisfying as otoplasty.

Before / After
Ear Surgery at Luna Clinic Turkey

How Does It Work?

Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery, is a plastic surgery procedure that involves different techniques to replace, reconstruct or fix deformed ears or parts of the ears. In some cases, the surgeon may need to remodel the cartilage in the ear to move the ear closer to the head.

For your online consultation, we will kindly ask you to send your photos as shown in the Photography Guide down below, so we can evaluate your case.

What Does an Otoplasty Surgery Involve?

When Otoplasty is performed on an adult patient, they are given local anesthesia with intravenous sedation, but kids are only given general anesthesia. If you decided to undergo Otoplasty surgery, you should strictly follow the pre-operation instructions which will be given to you by your surgeon.

Depending on the complexity of the surgery, it usually takes 2 hours to complete Otoplasty. If you decide to undergo Otoplasty, we will ensure that you have an amazing trip to Turkey and the whole procedure will be customized in a way that suits your personal preferences, goals as well as the clinic’s best practices. Just to give you an idea of what to expect, here are some of the stages you will go through:

1. Final consultation with the surgeon

When you arrive at the clinic, you will have a face-to-face consultation with your Otoplasty specialist surgeon. During this session you are expected to inform the surgeon about your medical record, allergies, and if you’re currently taking any medication.

Even after telling your surgeon about your medical record, it’s mandatory that you go through some medical tests. Afterward, you will discuss the procedure in detail. If you are on the same page with your surgeon, he/she will make an illustration by drawing some marks on your face as he/she prepares you for the surgery.

2. Taking the anesthesia

When the test results are out and your surgeon is satisfied, you will be then given anesthesia. Adults are given local anesthesia, whereas children are given general anesthesia.  

3. The procedure

Once the anesthesia has gone into effect, your surgeon will begin the procedure by making small incisions behind your ears so as to expose the cartilage tissues. This process varies from one individual to the other as surgeons can use different techniques that are aimed at improving the contour, size, and deformity of the ears.

So, when incisions are made on the front of the ear they are carefully hidden in the depths of the ear folds. At the end of the procedure, your surgeon will use dissolvable sutures to reshape and secure the cartilage, and he/she will also use them to close the incisions.

4. Post-Op Instructions

  • Usually, they will discharge you from the hospital on the day of surgery.

  •  You will need a friend or a family member to take you home and also he/she needs to stay with you for the first night after the surgery.

  •  When you arrive home, you should take a rest with your head elevated on 2-3 pillows.

  •  It’s best to eat a light, soft, and cool diet once you have recovered from the anesthetic.

  • You will be hungry after the surgery but, it’s better not to eat too much or too heavy to prevent postoperative nausea and vomiting. 

What Should I Expect from an Otoplasty Procedure?

  • You may experience postoperative pain and discomfort, and this can be controlled with the prescribed medication.

  • In one week, children can return to school and adults can return to work.

  • Once the post-op dressings are removed, your surgeon will recommend a headband to wear for 3 months to protect the ears while sleeping.

  • You may return to normal exercises in 2 weeks and sports activities in 3 weeks.

  • When the dressings are removed, your ears may look swollen, but the ear projection and contours will look normal.

  • The swelling will be gone by 4 weeks after the surgery.

Things You Should Do Before Surgery

  • A week before the procedure, you should stop taking Aspirin and any other meds associated with blood thinning.

  • If you are allergic to any drugs, you should inform your surgeon as soon as possible.

  • Patients are advised to avoid smoking 24 hours before the surgery.

  • Consuming any alcoholic beverages can affect anesthesia. So you should not take in anything alcoholic 24 hours prior to surgery.

  • If you are taking meds for chronic or acute diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, you should inform your surgeon before the surgery commences.   

Quick Facts 


 Ear Surgery


 1 - 2 hours


 5 - 6 nights

Cost in Turkey

 €2450 - €2850


 General anesthesia 



Final Results

 2 weeks 

Side Effects

 Anesthesia risks, overcorrection, blood clot


 Changes in skin sensation, infection, asymmetry in ear placement

Success Rate



 After 10 - 14 days (light activity)

Back To Work

 After one-week


 Yes (hidden)



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Otoplasty Painful?

You may feel pain or soreness after the procedure is done. However, your surgeon may prescribe painkillers to relieve this pain and discomfort.

Are Permanent Sutures Used in Otoplasty Toxic To The Body?

Permanent sutures are not toxic to the body. It is generally used safely in many parts of the body, including the abdomen, brain, and other areas. They are designed to be left in the body and you will not feel any discomfort when carrying them.

Does Otoplasty Affect Hearing?

Otoplasty does not affect the hearing because the procedure area involves only the outer ear, not the middle or inner ear where the hearing takes place.

Is Otoplasty Cost Abroad Affordable?

Yes, the procedure will be more affordable abroad and cost less in popular medical tourism locations like Turkey. But some factors affect the ear surgery cost, like the clinics' location, the surgeon's experience, and the technique used. 


Learn more about Ear Surgery in Turkey by comparing costs and reviewing the clinics and doctors.

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    The hospital was really sophisticated aand hygienic. You know from the first minute how professional organization you are in.
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    While doing a price search for plastic surgery in my own country, I came across flymedi and had my surgery at esteworld for a much more reasonable price and I am very happy. The team and flymedi were very professional.
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    Sophia, United Kingdom
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    Ana was extremely helpful, friendly and made planning my trip so much easier. I don't know what I would have done without her! Going overseas to a country you've never been to before to get plastic surgery can be scary, having Ana made it a lot less scary knowing you have somebody there that's on your team to help you.
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    Thank you for all the florence nightingale team and my doctor. I have been feeling better since I had the surgery. Professional and caring staff
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    From start to finish my experience with Flymedi was exceptional. The coordinator, Abud worked hard at finding the right surgeon for me. He was constantly in contact while I was away to ensure everything went smoothly. I honestly could not be happier with the company. Dr Ozge has done an exceptional job too. Thank you Abud for making me feel confident again!
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    Mario Gandara, Spain
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    La esperiencia de los cirujanos espectacular , el hotel no muy bien un poco desagradable mí manager estupenda ,algunos choferes con mucho retrasos y otros estupendos
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    Maribeth, Switzerland
    star star Jan 2019
    I highly recommended Mustafa was good assistance all the way through. From airport, hotel, and hospital. The surgeon who conduct the operation did a great job. I was hesitant at first and was scared what would be the result but waking up after the surgery I was surprised by his professionalism. As well as Mustafa was being present every time I needed him out anytime I could contacted him. He never fails. Thanks to Y'ALL guys.
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