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Forehead reduction surgery is commonly performed in Turkey, with many people choosing to travel to the country for the procedure. It is a relatively safe and inexpensive method of enhancing the aesthetics of the face. 

What’s Forehead Reduction Surgery?

The forehead reduction procedure can help get rid of a receding hairline and reduce the overall size of the forehead. The cosmetic procedure is performed with the purpose of improving the aesthetics of the face. 

Who Can Have Hairline Lowering Surgery? 

The ideal candidate for forehead reduction surgery is someone who:

  • has a receding hairline causing them mental distress
  • Has the desire to lower the hairline 
  • Has a broad forehead and a desire for a smaller forehead.
  • Has thinning hair with a receding hairline, which exaggerates the size of the forehead
  • Low or heavy brows, giving the forehead a huge appearance

However, it is important to note that even if you meet the above criteria, there are other factors that will determine if you are a good candidate for forehead reduction surgery in Turkey. 

  • You must have good scalp laxity (the capacity of the scalp tissues to stretch) prior to having a successful forehead reduction surgery. 
  • You shouldn’t have any family history of male-pattern baldness as the surgery for forehead reduction might not be appropriate in those cases.

Forehead Reduction Surgery Duration

A forehead reduction surgery takes roughly 90 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the procedure. Choosing the best forehead reduction surgeon can facilitate the procedure duration with excellent control over any complexity or complication during the procedure.   

Forehead Reduction Surgery Side Effects 

  • bleeding during and after surgery
  • side effects of general anesthesia
  • allergy to general or local anesthesia
  • infection of the incision area
  • nerve damage where the incision was made
  • paresthesia at the surgical site
  • hair loss where the hairline was cut
  • scarring after the incision heals

Forehead Reduction Treatment Recovery Time

The recovery from the forehead reduction procedure takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Two to four weeks following surgery, follow-up visits with the surgeon are needed to make sure there is complete wound healing with no complications.

During recovery, it is important to follow the doctor’s post-operative instructions regarding wound care as failing to care for the wound can result in a major forehead reduction surgery scar.

Forehead Reduction Procedure Success Rate

The success rate of forehead reduction is quite high, with less than 1% complication. Most people rave about the positive results online. 

Hairline Lowering Procedure Alternative Treatments

The forehead reduction procedure is performed to reduce the size of the forehead due to low brows, receding hairline, or genetically large forehead, among other reasons. Hence, the alternative treatments include other procedures targeting those underlying reasons, such as:

It is important to note that forehead reduction without surgery is not possible unless using an alternative minimally invasive treatment such as those mentioned above. 

How Does Forehead Reduction Surgery Work?

Before the procedure, your surgeon will use a surgical skin marker to mark the area of the forehead and hairline that will be removed. The hair follicles and nerves are preserved with extreme care during the hairline reduction procedure. 

During the procedure, a local anesthetic will be used to numb the entire forehead, from the hairline to just above the brows. Then an incision (also known as the pretrichial incision) is made along the previously marked line. The surgeon will carefully cut out the area that has been marked for removal.

The top hairline incision is then pulled downward and joined at the forehead. As a result, the gap is filled and the forehead is made shorter. When the hair grows back, the sutures are hidden almost entirely by the hairline. This is done primarily to minimize the visibility of the scar.

It is important to note that while forehead reduction surgery lowers the forehead's height and may alter the way the brows look, it does not always raise them. The hairline lowering procedure can, if necessary, be combined with a different procedure known as a brow lift to enhance the appearance of the brow.

What Should I Expect After Forehead Reduction?

Patients should anticipate some swelling and mild bruising after a forehead reduction, particularly around the forehead and scalp. Some patients may experience a slight amount of swelling or bruising around their cheeks or eyes. The initial two weeks after the procedure can be marked by discomfort but this resolves on its own, usually, by the end of the recovery period. 

How To Prepare For The Procedure?  

  • Find the best clinic and doctor for your procedure. It is helpful to look at forehead reduction before and after pictures from the chosen clinic. 
  • Book an online appointment with the chosen doctor and clinic to guarantee compatibility. 
  • Discuss the forehead reduction surgery cost before traveling, to know if you can find good packages. 

Learn more about forehead reduction surgery in Turkey by comparing costs and reviewing the clinics and doctors.

Quick Facts 


 Forehead Reduction


 1.5 - 2 hours 


 5 - 6 nights 

Cost in Turkey

 €2850- €5750


 local anesthesia


 2 - 4 weeks  

Final Results

 4 - 6 weeks 

Side Effects

 Bleeding, allergy to anesthesia


 Infection, nerve damage, hair loss

Success Rate



 After 6 weeks 

Back To Work

 After 2 weeks 


 Yes (not visible)



Related Procedures

 Brow lift


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

how much does forehead reduction cost?

The cost of a forehead reduction depends on the extent to which the overall size needs to be reduced. The location and length are crucial in determining the actual cost of the forehead reduction surgery. The average cost of forehead reduction in Turkey is between €2850- €5750 

What causes big foreheads?

Big foreheads can be caused by a wide range of factors such as low hair density that makes the hairline appear receding even though it is not. A receding hairline and a heavy brow are the two other major causes of a big forehead. 

Are large foreheads genetic?

Many factors contribute to a large forehead and while many put the blame solely on the hairline, genetics plays a large role too. Large foreheads are generally multifactorial in origin. 

Can forehead size be reduced?

Yes, forehead size can be reduced with the help of forehead reduction surgery. 


Learn more about Forehead Reduction in Turkey by comparing costs and reviewing the clinics and doctors.

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    I highly recommended Mustafa was good assistance all the way through. From airport, hotel, and hospital. The surgeon who conduct the operation did a great job. I was hesitant at first and was scared what would be the result but waking up after the surgery I was surprised by his professionalism. As well as Mustafa was being present every time I needed him out anytime I could contacted him. He never fails. Thanks to Y'ALL guys.
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