Liver transplant is an organ transplant surgery in which a healthy liver of a donor replaced with a failing or disease liver. Liver transplant surgery is also called as hepatic transplantation. The surgery has 78% survival rate after 5  and the life expectancy after 15 year is 58%.

Liver transplantation is one of the most complicated procedures in the medical world. Compatibility, the health of both donor and receiver and a whole range of other factors need to be taken into consideration. Liver transplant patients will also have to spend a considerable time in hospital and under medical surveillance and this can increase the cost of the procedure as well.

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How Much Does a Liver Transplant Cost?

The average liver transplant cost includes:

  • Pre-transplant testing and evaluation
  • Liver transplant surgery
  • Post-operative hospital stay
  • Outpatient follow-up testing and care
  • Anti-rejection medication
  • Surgeon, hepatologist, and anaesthesiologist fees
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy

Liver Transplant Cost in The United States – Around 750.000 USD

In 2014, 5723 liver transplant procedures were performed in the USA, 4972 of them being for patients under 65 and 751 for patients over 65 years. The average waiting time for a liver transplant was 232 days in 2014. The average liver transplant cost is highly variable and dependent on the patient’s health, age, the hospital where the procedure is done and the region in which the hospital is located, with southern US hospitals being more affordable than transplant centres located in the north. In 2014, the average liver transplant set back patients a hefty 750.000 USD.

Liver Transplant Cost in Singapore – Around 400.000 USD

Singapore is a popular liver transplant destination due to a high supply of donors. A liver transplant in Singapore can cost between 300.000 USD and as high as 1 million dollars, depending on the patient’s hospital stay and the transplant centre where the procedure is undertaken. Singapore is a destination for wealthy patients that can afford high fees and enjoy a very short waiting time.

Liver Transplant Cost in Turkey – Around 110.000 USD

Liver transplant surgery is highly regulated in Turkey and both donor and patient will need to follow the Regulations of the Organ and Tissue Transplantation Service. It states that transplants can only be done from blood relatives up to the fourth degree. The patient and donor will be referred to the Ethics Committee of the Provincial Health Directorate – the committee will decide if the transplant is feasible or not. Patients usually stay around 10 to 15 days in intensive care. Here is a complete list of centres performing liver transplants in Turkey.

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Liver Transplant Cost in Egypt – Around 60.000 USD

The average liver transplant in Egypt costs around 60.000 USD. Waiting time in Egypt is quite short, again due to a high supply of liver transplant donors but the healthcare sector is not as highly regulated as it should be. Additionally, recent developments turned Egypt into a “no-go” destination for international patients and tourists.

Liver Transplant Cost in Germany – Around 300.000 USD

Germany has a highly regulated healthcare sector and any liver transplant surgery must follow certain EU guidelines and rules. Living-donor liver transplants are preferred, as these ensure a higher rate of post-operatory success.

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Liver Transplant Cost in South Africa – Around 300.000 USD

South Africa is another popular destination for liver transplants, especially due to the high supply of donors and the short waiting lists. Liver transplant regulations are sketchy at best in South Africa so patients need to be very careful before making a choice regarding liver transplant surgery.

Liver Transplant Cost in UK – Around 80.000 USD

Liver transplants in the UK are much more affordable than in the USA and as the healthcare sector is highly regulated, most transplants are successful. Patients usually spend around two weeks in hospital and are kept under observation for a few years after the procedure is performed.

Liver Transplant Cost in Saudi Arabia – Around 80.000 USD

Saudi Arabia is becoming a popular destination for a wide range of medical procedures, including liver transplants. The country enjoys a steady supply of donors and waiting lists are quite short compared to those in the West.

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