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Breast fat transfer is a popular cosmetic treatment that uses your own fat to enhance and shape your breasts, providing a natural look. Many people are now traveling to countries like Turkey for this procedure. They are drawn by the lower costs, excellent care, and the chance to recover in a beautiful setting. In fact, every year, more than a million people go to Turkey for medical treatments, including breast fat transfers.

The Benefits of Choosing Breast Fat Transfer in Turkey

Spend Your Recovery Period In A Stress-Free Luxury Environment

One of the great things about getting your breast fat transfer in Turkey is that you can recover in a beautiful, relaxing setting. Many choose travel packages that take care of everything from flights to hotel stays and even rides from the airport. This way, you can focus completely on getting better while everything else is taken care of.

High-Quality Care at Affordable Prices

Turkey is known for its excellent medical facilities that are just as good as those in Europe or the US, but much cheaper. This means you can get top-notch care without breaking the bank.

Experienced Specialists

Turkey is home to some of the world’s best doctors, especially in areas like breast fat transfer. Many of these doctors have trained abroad and have a lot of experience, so you know you’re in good hands.

Tailored Treatment and Recovery Plans

Hospitals in Turkey are good at making sure your treatment is just right for you. They work with you to create a plan that meets your specific needs and goals, helping you get the best results possible.

The Cost of Breast Fat Transfer Turkey

Generally, a breast fat transfer Turkey will cost between €2,500 and €4,500. This range depends on what exactly you need and where you go. Either way, it’s usually much cheaper than what you would pay in Western Europe or the US.

The Best Candidate for Breast Fat Transfer

The perfect person for a breast fat transfer:

  • Wants a slight increase in breast size without implants.
  • Has enough fat in other areas of the body to use.
  • Prefers a natural look and feel.
  • Is healthy overall and has a clear idea of what to expect from the surgery.

The Next Steps If You Plan To Have Breast Fat Transfer in Turkey

  • Check the Local Regulations: Make sure to learn about the medical rules in Turkey. Check that the clinic you choose is approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health or a related group to ensure top-quality care.
  • Prepare a List of Questions for Your Doctor: Write down all the questions you have for your surgeon before you go. Ask about things like language support, patient stories, and whether the clinic has the right certifications. This will help you feel more secure about your choice.
  • Research and Select the Right Clinic: Spend some time looking at different clinics to see which one is the best at breast fat transfers. Look for reviews and photos from past patients to help you decide.

With the right preparation, you can have a positive experience and great results.

Breast Fat Transfer Clinics(54 Clinics)

Luna Clinic Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey
Luna Clinic Turkey Verified
  • Preliminary and follow-up examination
  • 98% would recommend
  • 1000+ operations last year
  • Internationally trained surgeons
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Istanbul European Clinic
Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul European Clinic Verified
  • 97% would recommend
  • Uses cutting-edge tech
  • Accredited by TSAPS (Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)
  • Well-equipped staff
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Estethica Atasehir
Istanbul, Turkey
Estethica Atasehir Verified
  • Premium facility
  • ISO 9001-certified clinic in Istanbul
  • 93% patients recommend
  • Open weekends
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Memorial Sisli Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
Memorial Sisli Hospital Verified
  • Popular by international patients
  • 200 bed capacity
  • JCI-Certified
  • Has an advanced medical technology
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Dr. Sema Ozden Clinic
Izmir, Turkey
Dr. Sema Ozden Clinic Verified
  • Recently renovated clinic
  • Accredited by TSAPS (Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)
  • Preliminary and follow-up examination
  • High review rate
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Medical Park Gaziosmanpasa Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
Medical Park Gaziosmanpasa Hospital Verified
  • Biggest private hospital in Istanbul
  • Advanced post-op care system
  • Internationally trained surgeons
  • JCI accredited clinic
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Erdem Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
Erdem Hospital Verified
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Uses the top-notch technology
  • 20,000 square meters
  • 150-bed capacity
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Ekol Hospitals Izmir
Izmir, Turkey
Ekol Hospitals Izmir Verified
  • Has world-class specialists
  • High review rate
  • Monitored by the Quality Management Unit
  • Using the most advanced technology
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Istanbul, Turkey
Esteworld Verified
  • ISO 9001-2008 Certified
  • Located in the heart of the city
  • Premium facility
  • High review rate
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Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Kent Hospital
Izmir, Turkey
Kent Hospital Verified
  • 95% would recommend
  • Advanced technology investment
  • 1000+ treatments last year
  • Founded in 2008
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
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By Abdulaziz Ali - Medically reviewed by Prof. Zeynep Sevim, on Apr 26, 2024

What is Breast Fat Transfer?

Breast Fat Transfer is a gentle way to make your breasts bigger. With breast fat transfer, they fix the shape of the breast using fat from your own body. Doctors take some extra fat from places like your stomach or legs and put it into your breasts. This process helps your breasts look fuller and more natural.

Breast Fat Transfer Recovery Timeline

How long will the recovery take?

You'll need about 2 to 3 weeks to start feeling much better, though it takes a bit longer, a few months, to completely heal.

How long will they need to stay in Turkey?

Staying for about a week or so after your surgery is a good idea so your doctor can make sure everything is going well.

When can the patient return to work?

You can usually go back to work in about a week or two, depending on what you do for a living.

When can the patient return to exercise?

You can get back to light exercises in a couple of weeks, but wait about 6 weeks before doing anything heavy or intense.

When will the final results be visible?

You'll notice some changes right away but expect to see the real results after about 3 to 6 months.

What type of activities to avoid?

Skip any tough physical stuff, like lifting heavy things or intense workouts, for the first 6 weeks.

What type of diet should the patient expect after the surgery?

Eating healthy is key. Drink lots of water and stay away from salty foods to help keep swelling down.

How Does Breast Fat Transfer Procedure Work


In your first visit, the doctor will check you out and talk about what you want from the procedure. This is a great time to ask anything you might be curious or worried about.

Before the surgery

You'll need to lay off some medicines and stop smoking before the surgery. Your doctor will give you all the details you need to prep.

The surgery

When it's time for the surgery, the doctor will take some fat from other parts of your body. The surgeon will clean the fat up, and carefully put it into your breasts, and make sure they look good and natural.

Follow up

You'll have a check-up a few days after your surgery to see how you're doing. There'll be more visits over the next few months to keep an eye on your healing.

Side Effects of Breast Fat Transfer Procedure

  • You might notice some swelling and bruises where the fat was taken and put in.
  • You may feel a bit numb in these spots for a while.
  • There could be small scars.
  • There's a small chance of getting an infection.
  • Sometimes the body absorbs some of the fat back, which might change how things look.

Breast Fat Transfer Procedure Results

Most people who have this treatment end up really happy with it. About 85% of the fat stays where it's supposed to, giving you lasting results. It's nice because you can slim down where you had too much fat and boost your breast size at the same time.

How to Prepare for Breast Fat Transfer Procedure

  • Stay away from medicines that can thin your blood.
  • No smoking or drinking alcohol for a couple of weeks before your surgery.
  • Have someone ready to drive you home afterward.
  • Plan to take it easy and stay off work for about a week so you can heal without rushing.

Breast Fat Transfer Quick Facts

Procedure Breast Fat Transfer
Duration Typically a few hours
Stay About 1 week in Turkey
Cost €2,500 - €4,500
Anesthesia General or local, depending on the case
Recovery Immediate improvements, full recovery in 3-6 months
Final Results Visible changes immediately, final results after 3-6 months
Side Effects Swelling, bruising, numbness, potential small scars
Risks Infection, uneven fat absorption
Success Rate High, with lasting results in about 85% of cases
Exercise Light exercises after a couple of weeks, more strenuous activities after 6 weeks
Back To Work Typically 1-2 weeks
Scars Minimal, usually small and can be hidden
Pain Generally mild; managed with medication
Related Procedures Breast implant

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's the difference between breast fat transfer and breast implants?

To create a more realistic feel and appearance, breast fat transfer uses your own fat. On the other hand, breast implants involve the placement of silicone or saline bags under your breast tissue.

How long do the results of a breast fat transfer last?

The results are usually there to stay. The fat that settles down after the first few months will mostly stick around for good.

Is breast fat transfer safe?

Yes, it's a safe choice, especially because it uses fat from your own body instead of foreign materials.

Can I lose weight after a breast fat transfer?

Big weight changes can affect how your breasts look, so it's good to keep your weight steady after the surgery.

What if the transferred fat doesn't stay?

If not all the fat stays put, your breasts might not get as big as you hoped. You might need to go back for more treatments to get the look you want.

Is there an age limit for breast fat transfer?

Anyone over 18 can consider this treatment, but you should be in good health and have a realistic idea of what to expect.

How much fat is needed for a breast fat transfer?

It really depends on how much bigger you want your breasts to be and how much extra fat you have available.

Can breast fat transfer fix uneven breasts?

Yes, it's quite good at making breasts look more even and balanced.