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How Much Does All-on-4 Cost? You Will Be Surprised

All-on-4 implants are a complete set of dentures that require as little as 4 dental implants per jaw to support them. All-on-4 is a treatment that involves the replacement of all missing teeth in the lower or upper jaw by using only 4 implants. This procedure is especially beneficial in patients who have lost a lot of bone in the back areas of the mouth.

The low number of dental implants and only a few hours required to prepare and install them made All-on-Four dental implants an object of desire for many patients struggling with teeth loss and sometimes weak jawbone structure. For such patients, all on 4 provide a quick and effective alternative to classical dentures or other alternative techniques such as immediate load implants or mini implants (MDIs).

Although it seems quite cost-effective, All-on-4 treatment price is still considered high by for many people. For this reason, they search for cheaper alternatives or places where the cost of all on four dental implants is more reasonable. They find it in other countries, which thanks to globalization, affordable transportation and the development of the whole branch of medical tourism, became increasingly accessible for people struggling with all-on-four procedure cost back home.

In this article, we would like to review popular destinations for All-on-4 treatment around the world, including countries such as Turkey, Thailand, and Mexico to show you that not so far away from you, you can get a significant decrease in all-on-four dental implant cost abroad.

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What is All-on-4? How its Performed?

Tooth loss is a serious life event that impairs two essential functions, namely, eating and speaking, and has significant side effects on different aspects of quality of life. These effects are internalized by the individual. A clinical study published in August 2017 compared the change of the quality of life of patients before and after the implant and emphasized the positive change after the treatment.

All-on-4 treatment allows for a smaller number of dental implants to be used while providing a full set of new teeth for a patient. Traditionally, two implants could keep around 3 dental crowns. In All-on-four implants, there are just 4 of them for a full set of teeth placed on artificial gum.

Various research done on the concept and practice of rehabilitation has advanced the All-on-4 treatment option from the skeptical to the predictable with commendable success rates. Patients take into account the long-term results of this technique and the numerous advantages of immediate loading, reduced morbidity, high patient satisfaction, and relatively low costs when a decision among the alternative treatment options.

There are two critical factors in All-on-4 implants. The first one is time. A new set of teeth can be installed right after placing the All-on-four dental implants, while conventional dental implants used commonly in dentistry required even a few months of a break between the installment of implants and attaching a dental crown to them. The second factor is the price factor. With no need for a second visit and fewer dental implants used in the process, the all on 4 dental implants price will be obviously lower than the price of the whole set of traditional implants.

In Brief, all-on-4 dental implants have many benefits compared with conventional implants and removable dentures, such as:
• Angled posterior implants avoid anatomical structures
• Angled posterior implants allow longer implants in better-quality bone
• High success rates
• Implants well-spaced, proper biomechanics, easier to clean
• Immediate function and aesthetics
• Final restoration can be fixable or removable
• Reducing cost due to a smaller number of implants and avoidance of grafting in the majority of cases.

Average Cost of All-on-Four

All-on-four procedure costs depend on many variables. The price depends on the number of implants you need and the material you choose for your permanent All-on-4 dentures. Prices can vary considerably from one to another. However, you shouldn’t get implants based on price alone. It’s more important to find a trained professional who has experience carrying out the procedure you require.

For all these reasons, it is difficult to give a definite average price for this treatment. Therefore, it is more reasonable and useful to examine the costs of all-on-four treatment on a country basis.

All-on-4 Cost in the USA

National epidemiological survey data in the United States suggested that the adult population in need of 1 or 2 dentures would increase from 35.4 million adults in 2000 to 37.0 million adults in 2020.

The cost of All-on-four dental implants in the USA cannot be said to be low – it starts from around 16.300€ for both jaws and is as high as 22.800€ on average. The all-on-four cost is so high due to several factors – high rents, the USA being a high-income country, and generally high prices of medical services. For this reason, patients thinking about All-on-4 treatment often choose Mexico or countries further away such as Philippines, Turkey or India for dentistry services there are much more affordable.

All-on-4 Cost in the UK

What is more surprising than the prices in the USA, are the All-on-four costs in the UK. All-on-four procedure costs in the UK start from 31.800€ for both jaws – it is hard to expect that these prices make the All-on-4 dental implants affordable for a regular Brit. Similarly, to Americans, citizens of the UK often choose other countries to lower the All-on-four cost significantly.

All-on-4 Cost in Hungary

Hungary is one of the havens for British people who seek low All-on-four implants cost without losing the quality. Hungary became popular due to the activity of several medical tourism companies thanks to latest dental technology and low-cost treatments, which started to intensively promote the Hungarian dentistry and medicine, not to mention many clinics which did the same, organizing their offices in British cities. However, it is not just a matter of good advertising – the cost of All-on-four dental implants in Budapest and other cities there are very affordable, starting from 7.600€ for both jaws and being 11.400€ on average.

All-on-4 Cost in Thailand

Thailand became a hotspot recently for people searching for more cost-efficient medical treatments, including dentistry. It provides much lower prices for a similar quality of service, not to mention beautiful nature and sea ideal to regenerate after our surgery. The cost of All-on-four dental implants in Thailand starts from 14.500€ and averages 17.000€ for both arches.

All-on-4 Cost in Mexico

Mexico benefits greatly from the fact that the American healthcare system becomes increasingly expensive and many ordinary people simply cannot afford their dental implants back home. Therefore, cities in Mexico became not only an all-time-favorite for tourists seeking beautiful beaches and sunny weather but also an important center for dentistry, including the All-on-4 treatment. The All-on-four implants costs in Mexico start from 7.600€ and are 14.000€ on average.

All-on-4 Cost in Turkey

Turkey is for many years one of the leaders of medical tourism in the world, with its dentistry and other medical treatments of top-end quality and cost-effective prices. Therefore, the old image of Turkey as merely a holiday destination has changed, attracting more and more patients every year. The same goes for All-on-4 implants, which are often done in clinics of Istanbul and other big cities in Turkey. As for the cost of All-on-four dental implants in Turkey, they are more than affordable – the lowest All-on-four costs start from just 5.000€ and are estimated to be under 10.000€ on average. It means significant savings even if compared to other titans of health tourism such as Hungary or Mexico. No surprise then that the number of All-on-4 treatments in Turkey is only expected to rise in the future. It seems that traveling to Turkey for a successful all-on-4 procedure definitely worth it.

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