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How to Prepare for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Thinking of heading to Turkey for a Hair Transplant? 

You're not alone. Thousands and thousands of people visit Turkey every week to get a hair transplant. This is why Turkey is regarded as the hair transplant hotspot for people from European, Gulf, and Middle Eastern countries. 

Turkey offers top-class treatment at affordable and reasonable prices. Instead of paying $15,000 like you'd do in the U.S. and most European countries, you'll only pay between $2,000 and $4,000 for the same hair transplant procedure in Turkey.

This doesn't mean that the quality of treatment in Turkey is compromised. The hair transplant clinics in that country are world-class facilities, with renowned hair specialists who use technologically advanced devices. 

In this article, we're going to answer some of the frequently asked questions about having a hair transplant in Turkey. 

Buckle up...  

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How to prepare for a Hair Transplant Surgery? 

Like any other surgery, you have to prepare adequately for the hair transplant surgery if you want it to be successful. In most cases, the preparation of the surgery is as necessary as the operation itself. What you do before the surgery can determine the success of the hair transplant procedure. During your online consultation with your doctor, you will be given a list of religious follow instructions so that the surgery will be successful. 

What do I need to pack? 

Suppose you have booked your hair transplant treatment and confirmed your flight tickets; the next thing that comes to mind is packing your suitcase. Many people don't know what to pack when preparing to visit Turkey for a hair transplant. You can ask our healthcare consultants to give you ideas on what you might need for your Turkey journey. In general, this is what you should not leave behind: 

Personal Documents: Depending on where you are coming from, you will need your passport and visa to get into Turkey. 

Medical History: Before you even leave your home country, you should ask your doctor, during the online consultations, about the medical documents you should bring. Sometimes you might not be required to get any medical records, especially when you have shown them to the doctor during the online consultation. But we always advise carrying them just in case there are any issues. 

City Guide Books: Most international patients who visit Turkey also take the opportunity to do some sightseeing and visit some historical landmarks in the country. If you are even thinking about doing the same, you should consider packing city guide books to better understand the place. 

Tickets and Emergency Numbers: Not that you will face any issues in Turkey, but we always recommend international patients to add tickets and emergency numbers to their phones before they even board a flight. If you book your treatment via FlyMedi, our professional healthcare consultants will assist you with all the information – emergency numbers, treatment confirmation, hospital name, address, and contacts – you need so that you don't have to look for this information yourself. 

Bring Button-Up Shirts: After having a hair transplant, you are not recommended to pull your clothes over your head. So, this means that you will have to bring button-up shirts to wear during the surgery. 

What is the success of hair transplant in Turkey?

For a hair transplant surgery to be regarded as a success, two determinant factors come to play. Firstly, the hair follicles to-be transplanted should be vascularized rapidly to stick to the recipient area. Secondly, there is a high chance of a successful surgery if your surgeon performs the procedure using the correct method. The hair transplant success rate is currently at 98% –meaning that out of 100 people who get a hair transplant in Turkey, 98 of them will get the desired results. 

What Should I Expect Once I Land in Turkey?

Flymedi's premium treatment package includes airport-pickups as soon as you touch down in Turkey. From the moment you book your treatment with Flymedi, you will have a personal healthcare consultant communicating with you all the steps of the way. You won't have to worry about transportation, accommodation, and many other things. We often advise patients to arrive at least a day or two before the surgery so that they can get time to fully rest before the operation. 

How Painful is a Hair Transplant Surgery? 

I know this might surprise many. 

When you read about how the procedure is performed, it seems like something gut-wrenching – but the fact is, there's zero pain with the surgery, just a little discomfort. Think of it like getting a filling done at the dentist. You will be given an anesthetic, so there won't be any pain, but you may still not like being at the dentist.

So if there's pain, how bad is the discomfort? The discomfort comes from being in the chair for up to 10 hours to complete the entire process, though you will get regular breaks. After the procedure, your hair transplant specialist will give you standard painkillers, just in case you experience mild pain. 

Learn more about Hair Transplants in Turkey by comparing costs and reviewing the clinics and doctors.

By Kubilay Aydeger - Medically reviewed by Dr. Mehmet Dogruer, on Mar 30, 2024


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