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What’s the Ideal Age for Rhinoplasty?

Is it the right time for Rhinoplasty? What age is the right age for one to have a Rhinoplasty? Here at Flymedi, we assist patients to make the right and informed decisions when it comes to anything to do with their healthcare.

Whether you’re a local or an international patient, we do not discriminate. We treat each and every client of ours like family. So, if you’re ready to change the appearance of your nose, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

Back to our topic of the day: what’s the ideal age for rhinoplasty? Well, before we answer this question, allow us to start by defining what rhinoplasty is first. 

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What is a Rhinoplasty? 

Also known as a nose job, Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is aimed at enhancing the nose’s appearance and functionality. This simply means that Rhinoplasty can be divided into two types: cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty. 

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty focuses on improving the outward appearance of the nose by reducing the nose bumps or straightening crooked nose. Functional Rhinoplasty, on the other hand, focuses on improving the nasal function of the nose. In some parts of the world, functional rhinoplasty is often referred to as Septoplasty

Whether it’s cosmetic or functional, preparation for the Rhinoplasty surgery varies from one patient to the other. But in most cases, your surgeon is more likely to give you a list of dos and don’ts after having examined your physical health during one of the consultation sessions. 

Patients are advised to avoid smoking and anti-inflammatory drugs two weeks before the operation day. This is done so as to minimize the risk of excessive bleeding (during surgery) and poor wound healing (after the surgery). 

What’s the Ideal Age for Rhinoplasty 

As different from the Rhinoplasty, people, especially women, start to think about the Facelift, and any of the other facial procedures, usually in the same ages which are roughly after 40. However, sometimes younger people need to get rid of their wrinkles and saggy appearance on their faces. 

The best plastic surgeons can easily understand the demand of their patients is whether temporary or strong-minded. For that reason, the first visit is always so important. If the surgeons cannot find any medical restriction and also any unsteadiness on the decision, the age becomes less important to perform a facial cosmetic surgery such as a facelift. 

Although there are different procedures where the ideal age can change accordingly, such as thread facelift, mini facelift, lower facelift, or instant facelift, to give a general idea, the optimal age interval for this plastic surgery is 40 to 60. 

If you are a healthy individual in those ages who don't have medical conditions that may affect healing, do not smoke, or may give a break from smoking, and have realistic expectations, you are probably a suitable candidate for a facelift. You may consider this operation and start to search for the best surgeon and facelift cost.

How to choose a Rhinoplasty clinic anywhere around the world 

Nowadays there are more treacherous websites of clinics scattered all over the internet and this makes it hard to choose a reliable foreign clinic. We have heard stories of surgeries being performed in garages and in dubious places. But we don’t want you to be a victim, so this is why we compiled a list of things you should consider when choosing a clinic in Turkey.   

The doctor

You probably know this: the success of any surgery is determined by the expertise of the doctor performing it. Rhinoplasty is not an exception. In fact, when it comes to Rhinoplasty, you really need an expert doctor who can minimize scarring. So, before you sign any papers and make some payments, it’s best if you could start by asking the doctor to show you the before-and-after photos of their previous patients. If possible, you should also ask for the contact details of those former patients and get a hold of them. 

Turkey is home to a significant number of the best internationally accredited doctors who have made innovative contributions in the field of medicine. Some of the techniques used during Rhinoplasty were pioneered by Turkish doctors –and this speaks volumes about the doctors’ expertise in the nose job discipline.   

The clinic

The best clinics are driven by the patients’ specific health needs and desired results. In simpler terms, they are patient-oriented. This is something you should consider when looking for a Rhinoplasty clinic in Turkey. Good Turkish clinics consider each and every patient as a partner, not only from a clinical perspective, but also from an emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and financial perspective.


We are in the digital age, and this means that technology is at the center of everything we do, even in the world of medicine. Turkish institutions know this, and that’s why they used equipment which is technologically advanced. This is something that has benefited most patients as it facilitates a favourable outcome. So, before you decide on a clinic, you should know about the type of equipment they use because it also determines the success of your Rhinoplasty surgery. 

Reviews of the clinic

This is something you really need to consider as part of your research. Checking online reviews of clinics will help you understand how the clinic operates. Besides learning of other people’s first-hand experiences with a certain clinic, you can get hold of previous patients and hear from them directly. 

Ready to go?

If you’re satisfied with the research and you’re ready to take the first step, you can contact us and our Support Team is ready to assist you with the travelling arrangements and it will equip you with every detail you need to know. It doesn’t have to be stressful trip, get a hold of us and leave all the travelling arrangements in our hands. 

This content is edited by Flymedi Medical Editors in March 2021.


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