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Dr. Osadowska Clinic
West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland
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What Our Patients Say

EXCELLENT star star

Based on 282 reviews on Trustpilot
Gurbani Sandhu, United Kingdom
star star Aug 2021

I travelled all the way from US by myself to come here and get rhinoplasty done, my surgery was a week ago by Dr Hasan duygulu he is extremely professional and excellent at his job. My whole stay was made very easy and comforting by Kate, Sultan and Enes. I have been coordinating with Kate this whole time from the start till the end. She has been amazing throughout and ensuring. They all were there for me when i needed them and even after. It was a great decision for me and i m totally proud of myself that i was able to find the best and proceeded with it. I thank everyone part of luna clinic and the hospital for your kind and loving hospitality. I will recommend coming to Dr Hasan to everyone and anyone without any hesitation

Mariana Adam, United Kingdom
star star Aug 2021

I would highly recommend Flymedi and Abud

I would highly recommend Flymedi. My mom had a gastric balloon fitted at the Luna clinic and everything went smoothly. When I was looking for a clinic in Turkey I found Flymedi as medical tourism, I contacted them by email and they got back to me in a short time. I was assigned Abud as health coordinator and I don’t have enough words to thank him. He’s professional but on top of that he loves what he’s doing and he does really care. As I said before I don’t have enough words to thank Abud and Flymedi and I’m so happy I made the right decision by choosing them. If you want to have the bed experience choose Flymedi and you won’t regret it.

Maryam Zyad, Switzerland
star star Aug 2021

Rhinoplasty 12 days ago- Luna Clinic- Dr. Hasan Duygulu

I had my rhinoplasty done exactly 12 days ago with doctor Hasan Duygulu. Before flying to Istanbul, I was very scared of doing this somewhere far from home but , from the first day of our arrival I knew I chose the right clinic; we met Sultan at the gate of the hospital, she was extremely nice and accommodating and organised, she comforted and still comforting me with answering every question and concerns possible and was with me through the whole before, during and after process which I am still experiencing btw. At the day of the surgery we met doctor Hasan, he is very nice and professional, I told him what I wanted and he took pictures of my face and showed me what my nose could approximately look like after the surgery and addressed my concerns and questions which were a lot btw :) he came to visit me right after I woke up and the next morning as well. The hospital was very luxurious and the nurses were very nice and all our needs were met perfectly, everything was super organised and easy. Today I removed my cast and I am very happy with the results as early as it is with the swelling I am very satisfied and I cant wait to see the final results which seem to be very close to the pictures he showed me. Thank you Luna clinic and especially Sultan for making this life changing decisions the best decision I made. The whole experience was easy, trusted and comfortable thanks to you

Anne Leonard, Ireland
star star Aug 2021

I would definitely recommend booking through Flymedi.

If you are thinking about surgery in Turkey, I would definitely recommend booking through Flymedi. Abud was my contact and is there for you 24/7. He was quick to respond and did his very best to answer every question and keep me calm in what can be, a new and scary experience. I would highly recommend and you can be sure you are lucky if he is your contact. The hospital was very clean and staff were very professional and kind. The doctor did an amazing job and I am thrilled!!

Гундилова Валерия, Russian Federation
star star Aug 2021

Totally recommend

The whole process went really smooth from the beginning, it was really easy to communicate with them. I had my mommy makeover done in June, 2021 and the only thing I regretted is putting off my surgery for some years because I did not want to travel abroad, but in the end it was all worth it. The prices are much lower and I was happy with my surgeon (Prof. Omer), he is such a friendly person and an amazing surgeon as well. I love my results and I've never felt so confident in my body, even before the pregnancy. I can recommend Flymedi and my surgeon in particular.

Not Recommended For Mini Tummy Tuck

If you have a small amount of excess skin and fat below the belly button and do not need a full abdominoplasty procedure, if your general health is also suitable for undergoing a surgery, you may be an ideal candidate for mini tummy tuck surgery. The final decision will be made by your surgeon. 


There are several things that patients are required to do during the preparation stage of mini tummy tuck procedure include stop smoking as well as avoiding of drugs and herbal supplements that could increase bleeding such as anti-inflammatory medicines, fish oil and aspirin.

How It Is Performed

This surgery can be performed by sedation under general, epidural or local anesthesia according to the preference of surgeon and patient. Surgeons apply a small incision above the pubic area and usually some liposuction is also performed. Abdominal fat is absorbed, excess supra-pubic skin is removed, and in case of muscle laxity, the medial part of the abdominal skin is also removed. Finally, the skin is sutured with umbilicus preserved.


As a result of the more limited treatment area, typically a smaller incision is used for a mini tummy tuck, and the recovery time is usually slightly shorter and the scar is less than the full one. 


Risks and complications related with the mini tummy tuck include:

  • Hematomas (blood collections) 
  • Infections
  • Blood clots (venous thromboembolism)
  • Lung-related problems
Side Effects

Possible side effects of mini tummy tuck may include:

  • Infection
  • Bruising
  • Delayed healing of the wound
  • Numbness
Success Rates

Mini tummy tuck procedure creates so many satisfied and happy patients which can easily be seen in the patients’ ratings of around 96% satisfaction.

Before And After

Mini tummy tuck or mini abdominoplasty is performed to remove excess skin and tissue from the area between the belly button and pubic area, to create a smoother, firmer abdominal profile. As it can be seen in before and after photos and read in the patients’ reviews on the websites, the outcomes of this procedure are quite effective and satisfying.


What is Mini Tummy Tuck?

A mini tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure which can give the patients' lower abdomen a smoother look with less scarring than a full tummy tuck.

Is Mini Tummy Tuck Painful?

Mini tummy tuck procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia, although it can be performed under local anesthesia, as well. In either case, patients do not experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure. If pain is felt during the recovery period, painkillers prescribed by the doctor will be effective enough.

What Is the Difference Between Mini Tummy Tuck Vs Full Tummy Tuck?

Full tummy tuck is usually used to rejuvenate the entire abdominal area, both above and below the belly button. A tummy tuck is considered a less extensive variation of full abdominoplasty and is typically used in cases where the abdominal muscles and the minimum amount of excess skin are limited to the lower abdominal region under the belly button.

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This content is written and reviewed by our medical content team in July, 2019.