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Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery in the world consisting of increasing the volume of the breasts or modifying their shape to harmonize the breasts to the patient's silhouette. This procedure concerns breasts that are congenitally small or become smaller due to weight loss, pregnancy, or a hormonal change.

The choice of round breast implants is of paramount importance during breast augmentation or breast reconstruction. You will need to adopt the shape, envelope, and content that will achieve the result that best fits your idea of the ideal breast.

Round breast implants allow a plumper neckline and a more rounded appearance in the upper part of the breasts. In the case of rotation, there is no alteration of the shape of the breast, as the round implants are hemispherical.

Who Can Have Round Breast Implants?

  • Healthy women whose breasts are too small and who aren't pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Women who are not satisfied with their breast shape and volume after pregnancy, weight loss, or aging
  • Women who want to reconstruct their breast after breast removal surgery (mastectomy)

Round Breast Implants Treatment Duration

Round breast implant surgery takes 1- 2 hours

Round Breast Implants Side Effects 

  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Capsular contracture
  • Infection
  • The thickness of the tissue around the scar
  • Rupture of the implant which requires another operation
  • Breast deformity 

Round Implants Shaped Recovery Time

The recovery period takes several weeks. Patients should take leave from work for at least 1 week. Recovery will be quick if the post-operative instructions are followed well.

Round Implants Success Rate:

Round breast implants have a success rate of 90-95%

Round Breast Implants Alternative Treatments

Before / After
Round Breast Implants at Estethica Atasehir

How Does it Work?

Breast augmentation surgery with breast implants is a very popular procedure among women. This procedure, which makes women feel better, attractive, and self-confident, is mainly aimed at improving the small, empty, asymmetrical, deformed, and fullness-lost appearance of the breasts. Women who decide on a breast implant first face the process of which implant to choose.

Because nowadays breast implants are diversified according to their shape, content, and texture. The main thing here is not deciding which one is the "best," but choosing a type of implant that best suits your realistic expectations and body shape by getting advice from your doctor.

Round breast implants are one of the most preferred among these options. Because it is not seen differently in different directions like anatomical breast implants, it is round (hemispherical) without any special shape. It does not cause any problems in the case of rotation and makes your breasts (maybe less natural) but undoubtedly fuller.

What Does Round Breast Implants Treatment Involve?

1.    Consultation for Round Breast Implants

The first step to start your round breast implants process will be the online consultation phase. At this stage, our specialists will try to understand your complaints and expectations well to make sure you are a suitable candidate for round breast implants.

Your medical history, your allergies, medications you currently and regularly use, and your concerns and priorities about the procedure will be the most important data to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you at this stage.

2.    Planning Your Trip and Choosing the Clinic

After your first evaluation for breast implants generally and round breast implants particularly, we will move on to the second step at which we offer a list of clinics that meet the criteria you provide us.

You will then examine all of them and decide on one of them. Depending on your choice, we move on to planning your trip and the entire treatment process.

3.    Final Consultation with Your Surgeon

When you arrive at the hospital/clinic, you will have a face-to-face consultation with your surgeon. He or she will ask you some questions to try to understand your expectations better and also make you understand what you should expect from your surgery including all of its possible risks and complications.

During this consultation, your surgeon will assess the thickness of your gland and your pectoral muscle. He or she will give you round breast implants designed to be tried in a bra to simulate breast augmentation.

Your surgeon will explain everything you need to know about breast implants in general and round breast implants specifically and try to simulate the results as much as possible, in order for you to feel enlightened and ready.

4.    Medical Examinations

Before the round breast implant surgery process begins, your surgeon will conduct some medical tests to make sure that you are in acceptable health status for the surgery.

Every patient is required to undergo medical tests to ensure that nothing can hinder the success of the procedure and if any risk is observed, the surgeon's aim will always be to try to eliminate them first.

5.    Surgery

After performing general anesthesia, the surgeon has the choice between three ways to the placement of prostheses:

  •  The round breast implants are located in the natural fold of the armpit and can be used for a first breast augmentation. It does not induce scars on the breasts. This route should be avoided if the original breast shows sagging or cutaneous distension.
  •  Implants are placed by an incision in the submammary groove. The incision scar is better masked if the patient has already large ptosis or breast volume.
  • Breast implants are placed through an incision in the areolar area. The natural pigmentation of this area allows an ideal camouflage of the incision scar, whose color blends with that of the areola. This is the preferred route when the patient's anatomical conditions allow it.
  • Going through the incisions, the surgeon positions the implants, either behind the gland, in front of the pectoral muscles (pre-muscular implantation), or, behind the pectoral muscles (retro-muscular implantation)
  • The duration of the operation varies from 1 hour to 2h30m depending on the implantation route chosen, the arrangement of the implants, and the existence of an associated procedure (such as a correction of ptosis).
  • No surgical method is inherently better than another: the choice depends on your situation and the surgeon’s advice. All of this will be discussed with you before the surgery.

Types of Breast Implants

Breast Implants with Silicone Gel-Filled: Breast implants with silicone are safe, flexible, and soft to the touch, they give the breast a very attractive shape.

There are different models, to choose from in consultation with the doctor: round or anatomical (teardrop-shaped), with a high, medium, or low profile. Silicone-filled and anatomical breast implants are also knowns as gummy bear breast implants.

Breast Implants with Saline Solution-Filled: It is possible to place inflatable breast implants through a very small incision, which is then filled with a special saline solution. This completely harmless serum is expelled from the body in the event of a leak.

The implants can be placed in front of or behind the breast muscle. Implants filled with saline are less flexible than implants with silicone and also seem less soft to the touch.

Things You Should Consider After Round Breast Implants Surgery

  • The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis (the patient leaves the same day) or with a single night stay in the hospital.
  • Round breast implants placed in front of the pectorals can generate slight soreness. The pain is a little more when the implants are inserted at the back of the pectoral muscles.
  • The surgical dressings will be left for 8 days.
  • Wearing a sports bra is recommended for 3 weeks to relieve pain and to accelerate the recovery.
  • Sportive activities are not allowed for approximately 3 weeks.


Is Round Breast Implants Procedure Painful?

You may feel pain or soreness after the round breast implant procedure is done. However, your surgeon may prescribe painkillers to relieve this pain and discomfort.

Are Silicone Breast Implants Safe?

Both saline and silicone breast implants are safe and approved for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction procedures.

How Many Years Can Breast Implants Be Used?

Breast implants are designed to last a lifetime, but they usually last 10-15 years, as the shape of the breast may change over time, postoperative risks may occur, and they may rotate unexpectedly.

Overall Satisfaction star star 4.9 Based on 34 reviews
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    Halszka, Poland
    star star Oct 2022
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    Nicole, Belgium
    star star Oct 2022
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    Madison, United Kingdom
    star star Oct 2022
  • Verified Verified Review
    Rusalka, Czech Republic
    star star Sep 2022
    Excellent experience, hygienic and comfortable.
  • Verified Verified Review
    Arianne, France
    star star Sep 2022
  • Verified Verified Review
    Mia, United States
    star star Sep 2022
  • Verified Verified Review
    Tasha, Russian Federation
    star star Aug 2022
    Anastasia (Tess) has been amazing. She is honest, and she replies quickly and in a timely manner to any and every question I may have. I explained to her in great detail the procedure I want, I then sent her pictures and after that, she was on her job to help me find the best surgeon for me. Thank you so much TESS 🙂
  • Verified Verified Review
    Aubrey, United Kingdom
    star star Aug 2022
  • Verified Verified Review
    Katarzyna, Poland
    star star Jul 2022
    So grateful for this service, thank you for great service from the first message on what’s app with Kirstie to the excellent communication skills with Azra who welcomed me and put me at ease with all the doctors my surgery went well at a great clean hospital with lovely friendly staff Thank You Flymedi
  • Verified Verified Review
    Valeria, Spain
    star star May 2022
    Actually I wasn’t planning to have this surgery abroad, but the prices were too high in my country... Flymedi was very responsive and they do an excellent service. The operation was without any complications. I couldnt ask more...
  • Verified Verified Review
    Zoe, Netherlands
    star star Apr 2022
    Dr. Murat and his team were so kind and professional. I was introduced to them through flymedi, and I booked my trip a month ago. Everything went smoothly and the team was very attentive to my needs. I fully would recommend this clinic.
  • Verified Verified Review
    Yasmin, United Kingdom
    star star Mar 2022
    Very experienced doctor. I contacted Flymedi, and they helped me choose Dr. Habib's clinic. I am very satisfied with the clinic as he was very professional and attentive. I felt comfortable during the whole stay as both my coordinator and doctor answered every question I had. Once you feel like you have help and support, the entire process gets a lot easier.
  • Verified Verified Review
    Christine, Belgium
    star star Feb 2022
    Dr. Omer was very kind and professional. From the beginning, everything went very smoothly. I am so happy with the results. I would recommend to anyone who needs an alternative destination to have breast implants.
  • Verified Verified Review
    Ekatarina, Russian Federation
    star star Feb 2022
    I appreciate every single person for making my dream come true! It was a flawless journey. The communication was excellent, and they answered every single question I had. It has been 2 weeks now, I feel a lot better, and they still follow up with me about my recovery.
  • Verified Verified Review
    Julia M. , Netherlands
    star star Jan 2022
    Dr. Hakki was very attentive and professional. I just got back from Istanbul two days ago, and my coordinator Angela texted me to see how I am doing. Such a dedicated team. I am speechless. I am %100 sure I made the right choice. Thank you all!
  • Verified Verified Review
    Nataly, Russian Federation
    star star Jan 2022
    I found Flymedi after a long search on the Internet. It is very convenient that they arrange your accommodation and ensure you are taken care of after the surgery. If you feel better, you can even go out to discover the city. In my case, that's what I did. I found everybody very attentive and professional in the hospital. The only downside is that I had a couple of delays because of the heavy traffic in Istanbul. It was a little stressful.
  • Verified Verified Review
    Anita Tlotlo Baliki, Botswana
    star star Jul 2021
    I contacted Flymedi about getting a breast augmentation done and I was contacted by Abud shortly thereafter who was helped me through the initial planning phase so well. Since I am coming all the way from Africa and have never traveled alone, Abud organized a video call with the surgeon to go over some of the questions I had as well as my expectations of the surgery. I am very pleased with the service so far and already feel safe about traveling to Istanbul for my surgery
  • Verified Verified Review
    Christina Hudson, United Kingdom
    star star May 2021
    I got breast implants at Luna Clinic 6 weeks ago. Everyone was very friendly and helpful from start to end. Everything was great. I am very happy with the result!
  • Verified Verified Review
    Chantelle Ellwood, United Kingdom
    star star Sep 2020
    I literally have nothing but amazing things to say about Coramed. Every single member or staff was so helpful and polite. The transfers from airport-hotel-clinic was perfect. I felt so so comfortable and welcome. I’m not from Poland so I was super nervous going to another country for such a big procedure. I had breast implants and they supported me, advised me and made sure I was happy and well cared for. I’m so please I chose them! Thank you guys!
  • Verified Verified Review
    Emma Arietti, United Kingdom
    star star Jul 2020
    Really great service and super helpful! Abud was my advisor and talked me through everything very clearly and was available to chat to whenever I needed help! Very excited to start the process! Thankyou abud 10/10
  • Verified Verified Review
    Adam, United Kingdom
    star star Jan 2020
    I'd been researching the procedure for a while and the cost in Australia was significantly higher than in Turkey. I came across the Flymedi website and within hours of submitting an enquiry, Nadia had reached out. She provided multiple quotes with different options, background on the doctors and hospitals. Nadia was available 24/7 and really helped me through everything from start to finish. Great business idea, exceptional staff and great customer service
  • Verified Verified Review
    Melania Firu, Romania
    star star Oct 2019
    Am avut o problema dupa alaptat si m am hotarat sa ma operez. Am apelat la flymedi l- am cunoscut pe Mustafa care mi a facut legatura cu dna doctorita Aslı , mi- a fost teama la inceput dar dupa operatie am fost foarte multumita . Recomand cu încredere serviciile oferite de FlyMedi o sa fiti 101% multumiti si o sa vi se schimbe viata in bine
  • Verified Verified Review
    Lavinia Capraru Creata, Romania
    star star Jun 2019
    Recomand cu incredere Flymedi. Ii multumesc lui Mustafa pt sprijinul si atentia acordata.
  • Verified Verified Review
    Miroslava Rosca, Romania
    star star Jun 2019
    Am decis sa fac schimbari corpului meu, navigam pe internet si pur intimplator am dat peste flymedi,imediat am fost contactata de un baiat foarte receptiv pe nume Mustafa, el imi raspundea la toate intrebarile indiferent de ora, era acolo pentru mine chiar si la ora 00:00 In medicina consultativa, un factor foarte important in a avea succes este abilitatea de a adresa clientului raspunsurile potrivite. Cu ajutorul lui Mustafa am ales tratamentul potrivit mie, ma ghidat in a face alegerea corecta a clinicii si mia oferit cel mai bun profesor! Multumesc Mustafa pentru receptivitate si rabdarea de care ai dat dovada!!!! P.S Mustafa ma insotit si la cumparaturi! Mustafa you are the best of the best! Thank you!
  • Verified Verified Review
    Alexandra, Romania
    star star Jan 2019
    Nothing can be better! The doctor was so helpful. Everything was super. Multumesc!!
  • Verified Verified Review
    Camille, United Kingdom
    star star Oct 2018
    I had an amazing experience with Flymedi for a Breast surgery, stress free. Particular thanks to Diana, that has been available 24hrs, and replied to all my questions. I couldn't expect better on that - thanks to her for being so helpful and caring. I had to worry about nothing apart from resting/recovering, everything was booked from A to Z. I am still in the process of healing, but so happy about the results so far. It went beyond my expectations, a true life changing surgery. Quite complicating to get proper advices during the healing process as it's virtual, but Diana made it much easier and trying to get all the info as fast as possible. Thanks again - this is safe and you have access to quality surgeons. I trusted mine and he did an amazing job, thanks Dr Erkin.
  • Verified Verified Review
    Bahar, Kazakhstan
    star star May 2018
    Хочу сказать спасибо Flymedi, г-же Диане Виноградовой - за консультацию, за профессионализм. Я обратилась к ней за помощью найти хорошего специалиста по пластической хирургии. Она предложила все возможные варианты, альтернативы для моего положения. По рекомендовала мне клинику Vanity. Я сделала операцию у хирурга ERKIN ONSAL. Спасибо ему большое! Специалист своей области)) Диана, я Вам желаю всего наилучшего, спасибо за внимание, за помощь. До свидания!
  • Verified Verified Review
    Victoria, Spain
    star star May 2018
    young and dynamic team, good conditions, I strongly recommend to everyone.
  • Verified Verified Review
    Georgeta, Germany
    star star Apr 2018
    Ich finde diese Firma Flymedi sehr gut. Alles hat so geklappt wie mit Mustafa Seyhan gesprochen. Danke für alles!
  • Verified Verified Review
    Andrea, Romania
    star star Mar 2018
    Buna!Sunt din Romania si am fost in Turcia pentru o interventie chirurgicala! In alegerea clinicii potrivite am fost ajutata de echipa Flymedi, mai exact de catre Mr Mustafa, o persoana cu adevarat deosebita, dedicata muncii sale si implicata in tot ceea ce presupune a oferii un ajutor si o informatie necesara la momentul potrivit! Va recomand cu incredere serviciile echipei Flymedi, o echipa cu adevarat profesionista!Buna!
  • Verified Verified Review
    Katalina, Romania
    star star Nov 2017
    I am really satisfied with the service and the doctor. Multumesc Ceyda!
  • Verified Verified Review
    Florica Dobrin, Romania
    star star Dec 2016
    I found my dental clinic on flymedi. The staff was so supportive and friendly. They have called me several times to inform about the treatment and updates. They picked me up from the airport and even they visited me during my treatment. I will travel again to complete the treatment in 3 months.
  • Verified Verified Review
    Nuta Mihai, Romania
    star star Mar 2016
    Pentru mine Flymedi pare o necesitate pentru cei lipsiti de cunostinta unei limbi straine, gen engleza/germana, la fel si pentru cei care au nevoie de mai multe indrumari catre clinici si inca mai au intrebari catre medici.
  • Verified Verified Review
    Lilliana Radu, Romania
    star star Dec 2015
    Good operation result but transfer organization was not satisfied
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