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The Benefit Of Sapphire Hair Transplant Abroad 

Sapphire hair transplant is the newest innovation to treat hair loss. The new technique offers faster recovery and a more natural hairline. The method uses sharp blades made of gem sapphire that helps specialist create a clean incision.

Restoring your hair to its prime condition has never been easier than now; because hair transplant is an effective treatment to combat hair loss, many patients are traveling aboard to have it.

Especially patients from the UK and Europe travel to Turkey to seek affordable hair transplant treatments. But proximity also influences patients' preference to travel to medical tourism countries like Poland and Czech.

Having a sapphire hair transplant abroad will save costs and allow you to explore a new destination. There are many advantages to seeking treatment abroad, including the following:

The procedure has low risk and is safe 

You will find the surgeons are highly experienced with years of practice. Renowned institutions like Joint Commission International JCI or International Organization for Standardization ISO accredit their clinics.

You have access to the most innovative treatment options 

Traveling abroad for treatment will open other possibilities or introduce better, more effective treatments with a higher success rate.

Find Renowned clinics regulated by international bodies

The surgeons are highly experienced with years of practice. Their clinics are accredited by renowned institutions like the International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). Most clinics must apply for accreditation and renew it annually.

Spend your recovery period in a stress-free luxury environment 

Some patients prefer an agency to plan their treatment abroad. It gives you relief to focus on your recovery. The agency will prepare a customized trip that fits your needs. The package will include flight, accommodation, and airport transfer.  

Easy Visa Process 

Medical tourism hubs like Turkey, Poland, and Hungary facilitate the visa process for international patients. In these destinations, the visa is obtained immediately via an online procedure that will only take minutes to complete.

Tips For Choosing Sapphire Hair Restoration Clinic Abroad 

  • Verify the surgeon's experience. Ask about the surgeon's education, additional fellowship training, and how often they performed the treatment. 
  • Schedule an online consultation. Most clinics or hospitals that work with international patients offer this service. 
  • Research the condition of the clinic before booking. It's recommended to visit the clinic before booking and finalizing the procedure. Talk to the staff and past patients.
  • Ask what's the follow-up steps after the surgery and aftercare procedure steps.
  • Trust your instincts: This personal element should not be underestimated since the treatment can be traumatic for many people. Mainly when undertaken in a foreign country and in unfamiliar surroundings. You should trust your instincts as much as the raw data. If a clinic feels wrong, then walk away.
  • Have a clear expectation of the results: understand the necessary procedure plan. 

Ideal Candidate For Sapphire Hair Implant Abroad

You're an ideal candidate for sapphire hair transplantation if:

  • You're physically and mentally healthy
  • You don't suffer from a severe illness that will impair healing. 
  • You're at least 18 years old and willing to travel abroad
  • You understand the risks and complications associated with the procedure

Sapphire Hair Transplant Treatment Cost Abroad

The factors that affect sapphire hair transplant treatment abroad are the hospital's location, the surgeon's experience, the technique used, and the type of treatment.


Estimate Cost


€2500 - €3500


€3500 - €11,000


€1500 - €1650



Learn more about Sapphire Hair Transplant in Turkey by comparing costs and reviewing the clinics and doctors.

Sapphire Hair Transplant Clinics(69 Clinics)

Dr. Vivo Hair Clinic
Istanbul, Turkey
Dr. Vivo Hair Clinic Verified
  • 2.500 + Hair Transplantation
  • Multiple DHI & FUE packages
  • High review rate
  • Accredited by JCI
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Luna Clinic Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey
Luna Clinic Turkey Verified
  • Preliminary and follow-up examination
  • 98% would recommend
  • 1000+ operations last year
  • Internationally trained surgeons
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Istanbul European Clinic
Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul European Clinic Verified
  • 97% would recommend
  • Uses cutting-edge tech
  • Accredited by TSAPS (Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)
  • Well-equipped staff
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Estepalace Hair Transplant Center
Istanbul, Turkey
Estepalace Hair Transplant Center Verified
  • 95% would recommend
  • Experienced more than 15 years
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Up to 4000+ grafts
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Estethica Atasehir
Istanbul, Turkey
Estethica Atasehir Verified
  • Premium facility
  • ISO 9001-certified clinic in Istanbul
  • 93% patients recommend
  • Open weekends
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Memorial Atasehir Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
Memorial Atasehir Hospital Verified
  • Accredited by JCI
  • Award-winning surgeons
  • High review rate
  • 7/24 working center
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Medical Park Gaziosmanpasa Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
Medical Park Gaziosmanpasa Hospital Verified
  • Biggest private hospital in Istanbul
  • Advanced post-op care system
  • Internationally trained surgeons
  • JCI accredited clinic
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Istanbul, Turkey
Esteworld Verified
  • ISO 9001-2008 Certified
  • Located in the heart of the city
  • Premium facility
  • High review rate
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Acibadem Maslak Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
Acibadem Maslak Hospital Verified
  • 90% would recommend
  • ISO 9001:2008 and JCI accreditations
  • Leed Gold Certified
  • 231 patient rooms
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Memorial Antalya Hospital
Antalya, Turkey
Memorial Antalya Hospital Verified
  • Designed with modern medical technology
  • Uses the latest technology
  • Has 132 patient beds
  • Accredited by American College & JCI
Learn More
Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
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By Abdulaziz Ali - Medically reviewed by Dr. Mehmet Dogruer, on Mar 30, 2024

Sapphire FUE Hair Implant Recovery Time 

After the procedure, you might remain in the hospital to monitor your condition. But typically sapphire hair transplant is an outpatient procedure. A few days after the procedure, you will return to the clinic to have your hair washed by your doctor because the treated areas are extremely delicate.

You will notice scabs throughout the first month; they will slowly fade. You will start to see hair growth after the third month. After six months, you will noticeably see the hair growth, and expect full results in 12 months.

Sapphire Hair Restoration Complications 

Some of the complications that could arise from the procedure include the following:

  • Itching
  • Infection
  • Swelling around the eyes
  • Scalp swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Hair loss

How Does Sapphire Hair Transplant Procedure Work?

Your process will begin with a consultation with an experienced healthcare consultant; they will answer your questions and discuss your expectation; you can request to examine sapphire FUE before and after the results. With the help of your hair transplant surgeon, the consultant will explain to you the best approach for your treatment.

Also, during the consultation, the doctor will examine your medical history and assess if you're eligible for the treatment before proceeding to the next step.

Preparing the Scalp (The Donor Area)

You will need to shave your hair, which helps the doctor understand and mimic the natural direction your hair grows. But it is possible to shave your head partially, which can be discussed and decided in your consultation.


You arrive at the clinic and need the necessary documentation before proceeding to the procedure. The surgeon will take photographs and mark the treatment areas.

Administrating Anesthesia

The surgeon will inject you with a local anesthetic directly into the scalp. You will feel a sting, but the anesthesia will take effect instantly. The goal is to make the grafting process painless and comfortable.

Extracting of Follicular Units

Micromotor will be used to extract hair follicles. Sapphire blades will create V-shaped incisions in the desired regions, which will act as the canals for follicle implantation.

Implantation of Grafts

Hair follicles will be implanted into these incisions. The initial results will be visible after six months, and full hair growth can be expected in a year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is sapphire better than FUE?

With a sapphire hair transplant, the procedure doesn't damage the scalp tissue during the harvesting phase because the specialist uses sapphire gem for incision and extraction. Meaning you will heal faster. 

What is the difference between FUE and sapphire FUE?

The significant difference is the type of blade used during the procedure. Sapphire FUE uses a sapphire gem microblade, which is sharper than the blade used in traditional FUE.

What is the most effective hair transplant method?

The most effective hair transplant method varies from one patient to another. If you're looking for a quick recovery DHI or sapphire hair transplant is the best method. But if you're looking to treat a broad area, FUE is the better technique.

What is the newest hair transplant technique?

NeoGraft is one of the newest and most advanced hair transplantation techniques. It's a semi-automated version of the FUE technique.

What is the cost of a sapphire hair transplant in Turkey? 

Sapphire hair transplant cost in Turkey ranges between €1500 - €1650. Typically, the price varies based on the extent of the procedure, the patient’s chosen clinic, and the doctor’s experience.