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The Benefit of Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad 

Cosmetic dentistry abroad is the main reason for the surge in dental tourism, mainly because the treatments are more affordable. The quality of the treatment is on the bar with your local country, if not better. Some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments are veneers, crowns, dental implants abroad, and teeth whiting.

Many of these treatments cost 40% - 70% less in popular dental tourism countries like Hungary, Poland, and Turkey. But affordability isn't the only appeal of having cosmetic dentistry abroad; other benefits you will experience are:

You can have access to one of Europe's leading cosmetic dentists

The geographical location plays a role. Turkey and Hungary have gained a reputation as top destinations for dental cosmetics. Also, the vast number of patients who travel to these destinations adds value to their experience and understanding of international patients' expectations.

The quality isn't compromised for affordability

The doctors are well-versed in implantology and have years of experience. Some of them have credentials from prestigious global universities. The standard of care and expertise in these clinics abroad is as good as those in the UK, US, and Europe, if not better.

Experience VIP service 

Some patients prefer an agency to plan their treatment abroad. It gives you relief to focus on your recovery. The agency will prepare a customized trip that fits your needs. The package will include flight, accommodation, and airport transfer.  

You will find renowned clinics are regulated by international bodies  

The dentists are highly experienced with years of practice. Their clinics are accredited by renowned institutions like Joint Commission International JCI and the International Organization for Standardization ISO. Most clinics must apply for accreditation and renew it annually.

Tips For Choosing The Best Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic Abroad 

  • Research the condition of the clinic before booking. It's recommended to visit the clinic before booking and finalizing the procedure. Talk to the staff and past patients if possible. 

  • Schedule an online consultation. Most clinics or hospitals that work with international patients offer this service. 

  • Prepare a list of questions for your dentist: prepare a list of questions to ensure you receive quality treatment. Common questions to ask - do they provide a translator? Do they have patients' testimonials? Is the clinic registered with the national association?

  • Check the local regulation: It is essential to know how dental treatment is regulated in your chosen country. This will help you identify reputable clinics registered with the governing body or national association. It will also tell you about your rights.

  • Verify the surgeon's experience. Ask about the surgeon's education, additional fellowship training, and how many times they performed the treatment. 

  • Trust your instincts:  This personal element should not be underestimated since dental treatment can be quite traumatic for many people, mainly when undertaken in a foreign country and in unfamiliar surroundings. For this reason, you should trust your instincts as much as the raw data. If a clinic feels wrong, then walk away.

Ideal Candidate for Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad  

You're ideal for cosmetic dentistry if you're experiencing stained or discolored teeth, chipped or broken teeth, misaligned, or have gaps between your teeth. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Cost Abroad. 

The factors that affect the cosmetic dentistry cost abroad are the location of the clinics, the surgeon's experience, the technique used, and the type of treatment.

Country Estimate Cost

€3000 - €12,000


€2000 - €8000

Turkey €3500 - €5500

€4000 - €22,000

Learn more about Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey by comparing costs and reviewing the clinics and doctors.

Cosmetic Dentistry (45 Clinics)

Istanbul, Turkey
Dentavivo Verified
  • Accredited by JCI
  • 97% would recommend
  • Provides safe and painless dental treatments
  • Internationally trained dentists
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Dis Levent Dental Clinic
Istanbul, Turkey
Dis Levent Dental Clinic Verified
  • Member of the Turkish Dental Association
  • Provides aftercare
  • High review rate
  • Personalized treatment program
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Contact Clinic
Novadis Dental Clinic
Istanbul, Turkey
Novadis Dental Clinic Verified
  • 90% would recommend
  • JCI-Certified
  • Advanced technology
  • 15 years of experience
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Infinity Smiles Dental Clinic
Istanbul, Turkey
Infinity Smiles Dental Clinic Verified
  • JCI accredited clinic
  • Recovery satisfaction rate over %95
  • Advanced technological equipment
  • Premium facility
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Dental Bosphorus
Istanbul, Turkey
Dental Bosphorus Verified
  • Great location
  • Services in a cozy atmosphere
  • Provide treatments in all areas of dentistry
  • Open weekends
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Okutan Dental Clinic
Istanbul, Turkey
Okutan Dental Clinic Verified
  • Follows the latest treatment trends
  • 24/7 Support
  • Accredited by JCI
  • Provide treatments in all areas of dentistry
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Perfect Smile Clinic
Izmir, Turkey
Perfect Smile Clinic Verified
  • Open weekends
  • High quality hygiene policy
  • Open 24 hours
  • JCI-Certified
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Dental Marmaris
Muğla, Turkey
Dental Marmaris Verified
  • Internationally trained dentists
  • Designed according to international standards
  • Open weekends
  • ISO 9001-certified clinic
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DentSpa Dental Clinic
Istanbul, Turkey
DentSpa Dental Clinic Verified
  • Highly regarded & globally successful dentists
  • Provide treatments in all areas of dentistry
  • Open weekends
  • Uses cutting-edge tech
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West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland
Dentus Verified
  • Accredited by ICOI
  • 90% would recommend
  • Personalized treatment program
  • Uses the latest technology
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How Is Cosmetic Dentistry Performed? 

How dentists perform cosmetic dentistry depends mainly on the patients' needs. Here are different types of cosmetic dentistry procedures to give you an idea of what to expect. 

Dental Veneers: The dentist removes about a half-millimeter of enamel from the tooth surface and then covers the tooth using a wafer-thin customized shell. 

Teeth Whitening: Whitening is one of the simplest and least expensive dental procedures. Teeth whitening uses approved products to bleach the teeth. 

Dental Bonding: The dentist applies tooth-colored or putty-like resin to the tooth and hardens it using ultraviolet or laser light. 

Dental Crown: Also called the cap, the dental crown fits over and replaces the entire decayed or damaged tooth above the gum line, restoring its shape, size and strength. 

Indirect Fillings: The dental specialist molds fillings using gold, porcelain, or composite materials and fills decayed teeth.  

Dental Implants: The dentist uses replacement tooth roots and inserts them into the missing tooth's bone socket. As the jawbone heals, it grows around the implanted metal post, anchoring it securely in the jaw and providing a foundation for the replacement tooth. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Recovery Time

The recovery time will depend on the nature of the procedure you have undergone. For instance, implants may take longer to recover compared to whitening. For many procedures, the recovery period is 1-2 days. However, if you have more than one dentistry procedure, the recovery could extend to a week or two. 

Before settling on cosmetic dentistry, consult an experienced dentist about how long recovery may take. Pre-procedure consultations will help you to plan appropriately. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Side Effects 

The side effects include:

  • You are likely to experience tooth sensitivity while enjoying hot or cold beverages or foods 

  • General complications such as swelling, tiredness, toothache, and discomfort during the recovery period

  • Porcelain complications like chips and color variations 

  • Gum Redness, recession, infections (further treatments will help you get rid of these complications) 

  • Bite complications such as jaw discomfort while chewing

Cosmetic Dentistry Success Rate 

The success rate is often as high as 98%, so long the patient engages a qualified professional. Most cosmetic dentistry procedures are permanent fixtures in your mouth and designed to last your lifetime, hence durable. However, you must ensure proper dental care and attend regular check-ups and cleaning.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Difference Between Cosmetic Dentists and Regular Dentists? 

A cosmetic dentist deals with improving the overall teeth appearance. On the other side, the general dentist focuses on preventing and treating oral ailments. 

Are Tooth Implants Considered Cosmetic?   

Tooth implants work towards improving the appearance of a person. Therefore, we may consider implants as a cosmetic procedure.  

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad Affordable?

In general, yes the procedure will be more affordable abroad and cost less in popular medical tourism locations like Turkey, Poland, and Hungary. But there are some factors that affect the cosmetic dentistry cost like the location of the clinics, the surgeon's experience, and the technique used.