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Radical Prostatectomy (1 Clinics)

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Alexandra, Romania
star star May 2021

Everything went well

Everything went well. Thank you Luna team.

Andela Bastos, Czech Republic
star star May 2021

My experience was great!

I was worried that I would have my surgery in a foreign country alone, but Luna Clinic made me feel right at home. They attended to my every need right away, and I didn’t feel alone even for one second. Thanks for everything. My experience was great!

Ian, Turkey
star star May 2021

Excellent Service from Abud of Flymedi

Abud was excellent in arranging my visit to Istanbul for both Eyelid and Hair Treatment. I decided to combine both treatments at Estecenter due to the clinics reputation. recommendations and also Abud's guidance. Abud clearly communicated the types of treatments available , estimated costs , all treatment schedules , travel logistics , hotel arrangements and daily transportation to and from clinic. Through responses coordinated between Abud and Estecenter he answered all my questions beforehand and was concise in the cost of treatments being communicated by Estecenter . Truly excellent service and i highly recommend you engage Abud as this leaves you know worries in relaxing during and after your very important treatments that you waited so long to have done Also i decided to stay and additional 7 days , at my own cost in Istanbul, to help my recovery.

Claudia Terrano, United Kingdom
star star May 2021

Life changing !

I had a massive operation with a full body lift that actually required 2 separate visits to Turkey which was very daunting for me to commit to but I’m so happy I did. I’ve never felt comfortable in my own skin and really struggled with my body especially after having 2 kids. It was really nice to do something for myself and Luna clinic made the experience hassle free for me. They were there for me from beginning to end through both visits and it couldn’t have gone better for me. Thank you so much for the life changing operation and experience.

Charlie, France
star star May 2021

Really happy with my experience

Really happy with my experience. Will deffinately reccomend Luna Clinic and the team to everyone.

Recommended For Radical Prostatectomy

Applicants for radical prostatectomy are generally prostate cancer patients. Mostly if the cancer is malignant.

The most common symptoms of prostate cancer are urination problems, increased frequency of urination, bloody urine, and semen as well as distension and pain in hips and legs. People who have signs of prostate cancer are asked to undergo a series of tests, which includes PSA and biopsy. These procedure helps to determine if they have prostate cancer or other diseases.

Discharge From Hospital

Patient is required to stay 1 to 3 nights in the hospital

Minimum Stay

1 to 2 weeks


Radical prostatectomy is a kind of prostatectomy procedure in which the prostate and all surrounding tissues are removed. Radical prostatectomy generally used for prostate cancer treatment, especially when malignant cancers already started to spread. In the case of benign prostate tumors or early stages of prostate cancer, the simple prostatectomy or partial prostatectomy may be a solution.

Different methods may be used for radical prostatectomy:

1) Open prostatectomy: The doctor makes a large incision to remove tumors.

2) Laparoscopic prostatectomy: Doctors make small incisions which laparoscopes enter the operation site. Laparoscopes is a device which has a camera and surgery tools

3) Robotic prostatectomy: In this operation style doctors use a special device when the open or laparoscopic method cannot reach all tissues. Also, the incisions are smaller than they are in open prostatectomy.

4) Transurethral prostatectomy: The doctor reaches the prostate by way of the urethra. 

Recently, patients decide for prostatectomy cure abroad, due to lower prices with good quality in medical tourism destinations, additionally with suitable conditions for a complete, successful recovery.


The healing process of radical prostatectomy may be long, but the hospital stay process is not long. After a few couples of days in the hospital, you can freely go home. First 7-10 days, you will have a urethral catheter to help urinate. Feeling some pain is normal after surgery, it is manageable with painkillers provided by your doctor. You should try to increase your activity day by day, and you shouldn't do any daily tiring works for some weeks

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