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Subtotal Hysterectomy (1 Clinics)

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What Our Patients Say

EXCELLENT star star

Based on 224 reviews on Trustpilot
George Bileci Malta, Turkey
star star Nov 2020

A very positive outcome

A very positive outcome, following my decision to pursue in having dental cosmetic surgery/treatment carried out in Turkey. Excellent advisory skills by Flymedi rep Abud. He was professional, well informed, and followed me up with total attention throughout the whole process. Last but not least, I thank Dr Ahmed Kumsan and his team at Infinity Smiles Dental Clinic for their commitment and professionalism. Highly recommended.

Alexander Sullivan, United Kingdom
star star Nov 2020

Thank you Flymedi

I was considering several different options, however Abud was by far the most committed and helpful of all the agents I'd been in discussions with. Everything was organised for me and I was guided throughout and if I was feeling apprehensive about anything or had any questions Abud was always on hand to answer my questions and give reassurances. I'm so happy with the results of my operation and I was left overwhelmed by how friendly and supportive everyone was throughout. If you're considering using flymedi then I can honestly say you'll be delighted with the service both before during and after your surgery.

Ashab Khamchiev, Turkey
star star Aug 2020

Excellent work

Excellent work. Thank you very much. Yasmine and Mustafa Helped through the whole process of surgery and recovery.

Betty, Turkey
star star Aug 2020

Stumbled across Flymedi while I was…

Stumbled across Flymedi while I was looking for a place to get my nose done. I was contacted immediately by Mustafa and he offered me every detail that I needed. Overall the experience with them was great and I m extremely pleased with how smoothly everything went.

bellaxws, Turkey
star star Aug 2020

(Chin and neck liposuction) great experience with Abud

I found flymedi while I was looking for a doctor in Istanbul to do a chin and neck liposuction. Abud from Flymedi contacted me and he was great from the beginning until even after I went back home, he took care of everything and was always available, definitely the right person for this experience! My doctor (Dr Ozge Ergun) was also great, I'm very satisfied and I can only recommend Flymedi, the best place to find your treatment!

Recommended For Subtotal Hysterectomy

Subtotal hysterectomy performed to cure gynecological disorders, for instance, bleeding or pelvic pain.  In some cases it is used for the treatment of endometriosis. However, endometriosis may recur later.

Not Recommended For Subtotal Hysterectomy

Partial hysterectomy should not be performed in patients at risk of cervical cancer. Total or radical hysterectomy is recommended in case of cervical cancer suspicion. In addition, in some cases, the doctor may decide to undergo radical or total hysterectomy due to complications during the procedure.


Subtotal hysterectomy is the most limited of all hysterectomy operations but is also referred to as subcervical or partial hysterectomy. In this surgery, only the uterus is removed, and the cervix remains in place. It is not used in cases requiring hysterectomy such as endometriosis or cancer due to the low scope of surgery.

Partial hysterectomy may be done in many ways, like:
• Abdominal hysterectomy – Specialists reach the uterus through a long incision from the abdomen.
• Vaginal hysterectomy – Specialists remove the patient's uterus from the patient's vagina. This kind of hysterectomy operation may be assisted by laparoscopy in which known as a laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy.
• Partial laparoscopic hysterectomy – Instead of a large incision, a number of small incisions are made. In this way, specialists can reach the area through a laparoscope, and instruments and cameras equipped with medical devices.


Although there is no advantage over a total hysterectomy in resolving gynecological disorders, supracervical hysterectomy may be preferred for reasons such as rapid healing process and less pain. Due to this reason, this procedure will be applied to patients with pelvic pain and abnormal bleeding, but without any risk of cancer.

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