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Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem cell therapy is a treatment performed with

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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is a treatment performed with stem cells that can be harvested from blood, bone marrow, or even fat tissue. Stem cell therapy is still an object of extensive scientific research, but it is believed to have a significant impact on patients’ health in several diseases. Therefore, it is being performed more and more as a stem cell therapy for knees, stem cell therapy for cancer, stem cell therapy for autism and many other medical problems as well. In the following years, it is expected that researches about stem cell therapy will grow.

Types of Stem Cell Therapy
The most common types of stem cell therapy are:
• Stem cell therapy for knees – Stem cell therapy is thought to be an effective method of dealing with knee problems such as knee arthritis. Stem cell treatment for arthritis is suggested by many doctors and it is believed to be the safest method of stem cells.
• Stem cell therapy for autism – Also, stem cell therapy is beneficial in several degrees of autism. Many children reportedly got better after applying stem cell treatment for autism. However, there is continuing research for a probable placebo effect.
• Stem cell therapy for cancer – stem cell treatment serves usually as a complementary treatment together with radiation therapy, chemotherapy or cancer surgery. Stem cell therapy for cancer is shown to be beneficial in some kinds of leukemia or myeloma.
• Stem cell therapy for hair loss – stem cell treatment may also serve cosmetic reasons. In stem cell therapy for hair loss, stem cells support the hair regeneration and may reverse the balding process.
• Stem cell therapy for diabetes – It is suggested by some of the doctors that stem cell therapy might be beneficial for the patients suffering from diabetes. After the stem cell therapy for diabetes, the patient’s body regains control on the sugar level.

How is Stem Cell Therapy Performed?

During the stem cell therapy, stem cells are used, and these can be harvested from the patient’s umbilical cord blood, blood, fat tissue or bone marrow. It is up to the type of stem cell therapy and the disease treated which type of stem cells are used in stem cell therapy. Injection of stem cells is performed in various places – stem cell treatment for hair loss will involve stem cell injections under the skin of one’s head, while stem cell therapy for arthritis will be focused on one’s knees.

Stem Cell Therapy Recovery

Depending on the kind of stem cell therapy, the recovery period differs. The recovery period might last for days or weeks and the results can be reached within a longer period. Particularly in autism cases of stem cell therapy, the results are usually reached months after the first cycle of stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy Risks and Complications

Stem cell therapy involves many risks and complications. It is known that some kinds of stem cell treatments are safer than other types. Specifically, it is believed that stem cell therapy for knees is mostly safe and well-documented. Stem cell treatment risks and complications are depended on the kind of procedure. The patients might experience blindness, kidney and lung problems, and also, in the process of stem cell therapy for cancer, further worsening of the disease.

Stem Cell Therapy Side Effects

Stem cell therapy does not include severe side effects. However, some patients might experience pain and tiredness, but within time these would pass. To find out about the whole list of stem cell therapy side effects, you should ask your doctor before the stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy Success Rates

There is no clear information available about the success rates of stem cell therapy since it is an experimental technique.

Stem Cell Therapy FAQ

Stem Cell Therapy – What Is It?
Stem cell therapy is a treatment that aims to fight various diseases using stem cells. These diseases involve cancer (stem cell therapy for cancer), knee arthritis (stem cell therapy for knees) and many other medical problems. It is a trending but still a largely experimental way of dealing with a variety of health-related problems.

What Is the Cost of Stem Cell Therapy?
The costs of stem cell therapy differ concerning several factors. Initially, the cost of stem cell treatment would vary from country to country. Stem cell treatment for autism would be more affordable in India or Turkey in comparison to the US or the UK. Secondly, stem cell therapy costs are depending on the kind of treatment heavily. Stem cell therapy for cancer would be more costly than stem cell therapy for arthritis.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Worth the Risk?
Stem cell treatment is an experimental technique for dealing with several diseases. The patients should pay attention to the side effects of stem cell therapy, in addition to the doctor’s education and reputation who is going to perform your stem cell therapy.

This content is written and reviewed by our medical content team in October, 2019.